Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 26th June 2022

Here is a round up of all this week's news, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club.

River Ouse Wyboston
Avid Roach hunter Nobby Clarke has been on the River at Wyboston a couple of times this week. On Monday he fished from 3.30pm until 8.30pm it was hard going and he needed to keep at it feeding constantly with 4 grains of hemp with a giant hemp on the hook , until gone 5pm he had only caught 1 roach but knew it would turn around so just had to work at it. He ended up with a nice bag of roach which included a few quality ones the best 1lb 2oz and a couple of around 14oz a very enjoyable 5 hours.
Nobby Clarke - Wyboston Ouse Roach Fishing
Nobby Clarke - Wyboston Ouse Roach
Nobby Clarke - Hemp and Tares
On Friday he was back this time fishing a swim he had never fished before and he fished rom late afternoon until 9pm, unfortunately this session didn’t quite live up to the past couple, he thinks we need some prolonged spells of rain to get the better quality Roach on the move however he can definitely see this new found spot producing a nice bag or two of lovely red fins and he'll definitely be back after some rain.
Nobby Clarke - Wyboston Ouse Roach
Nobby Clarke - Wyboston Ouse Roach
Beckerings Reservoir
Harry Hart caught 2 Mirrors the smallest of the pair weighing in at 13lb and the other at 19lb 3oz
Harry Hart - 13lb Beckerings Mirror Carp
Harry Hart - 19lb 3oz Beckerings Mirror Carp
Edward Allen had a Beckerings Bream of 8lb 6oz and his son Dexter had a Bream of 7lb 8oz, they both were happy to increase their PB Bream by a couple of pounds even though they were almost "accidental" captures as they weren't specifically targeting the Bream. They were using halibut pellets over a small bed of partimix, pellet and a few boilies. Edward said they'll try some different methods next time round.
Edward Allen - 8lb 6oz Beckerings Bream
Dexter Allen - 7lb 8oz Beckerings Bream
Work Party - 28/6/2022 17:30hrs - 20:00hrs @ Beckerings
We will be at Beckerings to rake some weed from the swims on the evening of Tuesday 28th June. If you are fishing there on Tuesday please pack up by 5pm as the lake will be closed from 17:30hrs. Any member is welcome to come and lend a hand.

Bailiff Rob improved the latching system on the otter fence gate as it had started to play up. His improvements have resolved the issue - Thanks Rob!
The new and improved Otter fence gate latch 
North House Lake
Max Beresford had a Common of 18lb
Max Beresford - North House Lake 18lb Common Carp
Rod Gladston and Grandson Charlie spent another Friday night on the lake and this time it was Charlie who was successful. Fishing no more than two rod lengths out on a short rig with a cut down pop up and 6mm pop up to top off, his rod went screaming off around 7am Saturday morning
Charlie Albone - North House Mirror
Charlie Albone - North House Mirror
Wednesday Match Group Report
Wednesday 22nd June 2022 - River Ouse Wyboston
The group were all looking forward to our first River match of the season but with a few regulars on holiday or having prior appointments only 15 of the group met on the bank at Wyboston this week,
The morning temperature was 17C with the sun already shining in a nearly cloudless sky promising a very bright day.
The temperature climbed to 26C at midday and this week and umbrellas were pressed into service as sunshades!
The bailiff and work party team have done a great job and the swims were easily accessible, the river being quite clear, with some flow, and this year’s fry hatch showing clearly in the margins.
There were a few boats, only one charging up and down creating wash, the others offering little disturbance to those fishing.
All the usual methods were tried this week, those fishing long whips and Bolo rods seeming to have the greatest success. The larger fish didn’t seem to want to show in the hot bright conditions, so weights were not huge.
Ian Orbell showed his class fishing a whip at 6 Metres to take a fish every 90 seconds through the five hours ending with over 200 Bleak and small Roach to win with 7lb 7oz.
Richard Gibbs took second fishing a 20Ft Bolo rod using a 3 Gram float rig to take 4lb 8 oz.

Dennis Hunt using a long whip at 6 metres and a 1Gram float rig in a 12ft deep swim chose to feed small balls of heavy Groundbait and introduce maggot through a bait dropper, with loose Hemp over the top to take a bag containing no less than 9 different species of fish for 2lb 10oz and Third place.
Many thanks to all who helped organising the draw this week and helped weighing in we all enjoyed our first River trip of the year.
1st Ian Orbell 7lb 7oz
2nd Richard Gibbs 4lb 8oz
3rd Dennis Hunt 2lb 10oz
4th Colin MacBeth 2lb2oz
5th (Joint) Barry Roper & Andy Norgate 1lb 14oz
7th Steve Osmond 1lb 12oz
8th Dudley Frankland 1lb 10oz
9th Richard Darbon 1lb 7oz
10th Chris Howard 7oz
11th John Barton 6oz 8drm
12th Tony Hickmott 5oz 8drm
13th Ray Burton 3oz 8drm
14th Malcolm Ogden 1oz
Next Wednesday, we will fish the Ouse at Biddenham, so we will be members only, Draw at 8.30 fish, 10.30 till 3.30 with £1.00 Luton peg fee £5.00 optional pools.

Ian Orbell - First Place 7lb 7oz
Richard Gibbs - Second Place 4lb 8oz
Dennis Hunt - Third Place 2lb 10oz
Colin Macbeth - Fourth Place 2lb 2oz
Andy Norgate - Fifth Place 1lb 14oz
Luton AC Centenary Match in Memory of Club Captain Dave Moss 17th July 2022
On Sunday 17th July we will be holding a centenary match on the Grand Union Canal with 20 pegs at Cooks Wharf and 20 Pegs at Ivinghoe. The draw will take place at the car park at Cooks Wharf at 08:00hrs then fish from 10:00 - 15:00hrs. If you are interested in taking part please get in touch via the contact forms on the website or send us a message on our facebook page and we'll pass on your details to the match organisers
That's all we have for this week - Please keep sending in your catch reports no matter how insignificant you think they are, We love to see how our venues are performing (and that they are being used!). All pictures sent in of your catches from Luton AC waters are automatically entered in to our monthly photo competition that is judged by the committee. Its not always the biggest fish that wins so well worth sending in your pictures and reports via facebook, instagram the club website or via Whats App to 07940 229071.
Tight Lines until next week.

Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 19th June 2022

Here is all of this week's news information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club.  Thursday this week saw the start of the River fishing season. All our bailiffs have been hard at work at all our river venues making sure that everything was in tip top condition for the first day of the season and you'll see from the pictures they look amazing. The hot weather on Thursday and Friday made the river fishing slightly more of a challenge although a few catches were reported.

The River Ouse at Eaton Ford
The River Ouse at Lavendon Mill Upstream
The River Ouse at Wyboston
Grand Union Canal
Amer Jawad was out doing a feature with Match Fishing magazine on our stretch of the Grand Union canal near Leighton Buzzard this week. He said it was nice to get the pole out again after a bit of feeder fishing over the past few months. He had 30lb plus of Bream/Skimmers and they were not caught in the usual spot in the swim! The article will feature in the July issue of Match Fishing magazine.
Amer Jawad - GUC Bream
North House Lake
Paul Parkinson had two Tench on a 24 hr session at North House Lake. The second fish put up much more of a fight than the first.
Paul Parkinson - North House Tench
Paul Parkinson - North House Tench
After a quiet Friday nighter on North House. Rod and Grandson Charlie decided to switch tactics and use Zigs at 6am after seeing carp showing on the surface. A couple of hours later their luck was in with Rod landing this Common, a little battered from spawning but none the less a welcome end to the session.
Rod Gladston - North House Common Carp
Wyboston River Ouse
It was my first fishing session of 2022 on Thursday and I spent the first day of the River season on the Ouse at Wyboston. It was good fun sitting in the sunshine catching Perch one after the other all were around the same size and they were all caught on red maggot.
Dave Murdoch - Wyboston River Ouse Perch
Nobby Clarke fished Wyboston on the first day of the season and he said the river looked a picture, he would like to thank all those involved in the recent work party where more swims were opened up and pathways cleared, he said we did a superb job .
He ended up with 7 nice sized roach and one smaller Roach of around 5oz , he fished hemp on an 8 metre whip with a 7 metre rig fishing up in the water at 1 metre , he would of stayed if it hadn’t been so hot but the bites died once the sun got high, he was back home in Ware, Herts by 10.30am.
Eaton Ford River Ouse
Fergal O'Kane did an overnight session and during the day he was pestered by the bleak but did have Perch up to 1lb 8oz and also had a few small chub to around a pound. He also had an 18" Eel on worm.

Luton Wednesday Match Group
Report for Wednesday 15th June 2022
Wednesday saw 20 anglers meet in the paddock at Brownlow Bridge.
First of all we would like to thank Debbie for allowing us to park in the paddock and to Dudley, Andrew and John for assisting with the weigh in.
With temperatures in the heigh 20c’s and after some long walks we were all eventually pleased to reach our pegs, which needed to be cut back to make fishable.
The canal looked spot on with fish topping and carp cruising so everyone was enthusiastic for catching a few fish. With one double figure weight from Dave Abbott, fishing was harder than expected.
Boat and towpath traffic was minimal and what boats there were stayed in the boat channel.
1st - Dave Abbot -10lb 3oz. of skimmers and bits. Fishing 13m with worm caster and pinkie.
2nd - Simon Foulkes - 7lb 5oz of skimmers and bits. Fishing 13m with worm mush & small pieces of worm on the hook.
3rd - Chris Bartlett-Howard - 6lb 15 oz of skimmers and bits. Fishing bread punch down the track.
4th - Sean Leatherhead - 3lb 14oz
5th - Steve Lathwell- 2lb 12oz
6th - Richard Darborn - 1lb 15 oz
7th - Andy Northgate - 1lb 13oz
8th - John Barton - 15oz
9th - Barry Roper - 14 oz
10th - Bart - 13oz
11th - Colin Macbeth - 11oz
12th - Terry Vickers - 10oz
13th - Tony Hickmott - 9oz
14th - Dudley frankland - 5oz
Joint 14th - Roger Baker - 5oz
15th - Ray Burton - 3oz
DNW - Steve Osmond, Les Burton, Colin Holmes & Dave Stodart.

It was nice to see roach showing again. Thanks again to everyone who assisted with the match.

This week is on the river at Wyboston which is a day ticket venue so all welcome. Draw is at 08:30 behind North House Lake.

That's it for this week. Please keep your catch reports coming in and we'd especially like to see some more river reports coming in.

If you would like to send us a catch report from a Luton AC Water you can send reports and pictures via our facebook page and other social media accounts, the club website or via what’s app message to 07940 229071. Don’t forget every picture we receive is automatically entered in to our monthly photo prize which is judged by the committee and you could win £25.00. It’s not always the biggest fish that wins so well worth sending in any of your catch reports. Tight Lines Until Next Week! Dave M Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 12th June 2022

Here is all this week's news and information from Luton Angling Club. Only a few days left of the traditional close season on the rivers (15th March to 15th June inclusive). The close season prevents fishing for coarse fish in rivers and streams across England, helping to protect fish when they are spawning and therefore supporting vulnerable stocks. You could end up with a £2,500 fine if caught fishing a River or Stream during the close season. It has been surprising to find out some anglers we speak to are unaware of the close season having only ever really fished lakes and still-waters which are open year round. 

We aim to keep all our venues in tip top condition so there is no jungle warfare involved getting to your swim and the great condition of our venues is all down to the year round efforts of the committee, bailiffs and work party volunteer team. 

On Sunday 12th June the team were at Wyboston clearing the pathways and swims along the river. They also replaced the handrail on the bridge and also dealt with a fallen tree in Peg 4 on the South Lagoon and the venue is looking fantastic. We cannot wait until the 16th June and look forward to receiving your River catch reports. All of our river stretches are now fully ready and in A1 condition for the 16th June
Cleared swim at Wyboston
New Handrail on the Bridge
Beckerings Reservoir
Nick Lynch had a 2lb 9oz Ide
Nick Lynch with a 2lb 9oz Ide
Damon Smith had a 32lb 14oz Catfish. Thanks go to Max Beresford for taking the photo and his mate Sean Watts for assisting Damon with landing the fish in the weed.
Damon Smith 32lb 14oz Catfish
Sean Watts and Max Beresford also had a good result during their 48 hour session on the first night Sean caught a 25lb 3oz Common and Max had 6 decent Bream. On the second night Max had 4 Carp weights were 17lb 1oz, 17lb 8oz, 17lb 3oz and 21lb 5oz
Sean Watts - 25lb 3oz Common Carp
Max Beresford - Common Carp
Max Beresford - Common Carp
Max Beresford - Common Carp
Max Beresford - Mirror Carp
North House Lake
Dean Brittain beat his PB by 2oz catching John's Common at 25lb 2oz. This fish is named in memory of our former club secretary John Morris who passed away in 2020, John put a lot of work into sourcing the 2 C7 fish so we named them after him.
Dean Brittain with John's Common at 25lb 2oz

Commonwealth Communities Fishing Celebration

The second of the 22 Regional Commonwealth Games Communities Fishing events for young people aged between 7 and 20 is taking place on the 9th July on the Grand Union Canal at Three Locks.
The Luton AC coaches are heavily involved with the running of this and some of our youngsters are taking part.
If you know a young angler who may want to get involved details of how to participate are on the eventbrite website. Search for "Milton Keynes - 09/07/22 - Commonwealth Communities Fishing" on google or use the link below.

Wednesday Match Group Report
8/6/2022 Grand Union Canal- The Globe
17 anglers took part in this weeks Luton AC Wednesday match held on the GUC at The Globe north of Leighton Buzzard. We welcomed first timer Sean Leatherland to the group who was taking up angling again after a break. The weather forecast for the day was widely reported as 'sunshine and showers', however the weather at the draw was cool and overcast with a moderate breeze blowing from right to left along the cut, and with the water temperature at 17.5 degree's all were hopeful of a good days fishing, and hopeful that they could avoid another 'wet wednesday'!
The anglers opted for a variety of fishing styles including Pole, Whip, Waggler and Feeder, and most found a few bites from Bream, Perch and Roach in the first hour. Boat movement was moderate with nearly all being respectful and cruising along the central boat channel.
It soon became apparent that despite the favourable conditions the fish were holed up in pockets with bites at a premium for the rest of the day. Chris Howard on the end peg kept the fish coming using a combination of Pole and Feeder to take mostly Bream and a very decent Roach to take first place with 18lbs 11ozs.
Leighton Canal ace Steve Lathwell fished the Pole using caster and worm hookbait to take second place with a net of Bream and Skimmers for 12lbs 11ozs, while Richard Darbon ran him close with 11lbs 14ozs of Skimmers and Perch on the Whip for third. Richard Gibbs fished the groundbait feeder all day to take Bream, Skimmers and Perch on worm and caster for 8lbs 11ozs and fourth place. The weather was kind for most of the day but changeable, hot one minute and cool and overcast the next, and sadly we were unable to avoid another 'wet wednesday' as the skies darkened and a fierce wind heralded the arrival of rain for the weighing in team. It was an enjoyable day and a few recalled the days highs and lows over a pint in the pub afterwards.
Thanks go to Steve Lathwell and Dudley Frankland for the early morning pegging, assisting at the draw and weighing in, along with Tony Hickmott, and to Julie at The Globe for allowing us the use of the Car Park.
1. Chris Howard 18.11.0.
2. Steve Lathwell 12.11.0.
3. Richard Darbon 11.14.0.
4. Richard Gibbs 8.11.0.
5. John Barton 5.9.0
6. Sean Leatherland 4.11.0.
7. Barry Roper 2.11.0.
8. Terry Vickers 2.8.0.
9. Tony Hickmott 2.7.0.
10. Colin MacBeth 1.9.0.
11. Dudley Frankland 0.8.0.
12. Roger Baker 0.5.0.
13. Ray Burton 0.2.0.
Dave Stoddard, Les Burton, Colin Holmes, Andy Northgate, - DNW.
Next week see's the group fishing the GUC at Ivinghoe with the draw at 8.30am. Parking will be in the Brownlow and subject to a £3.00 a day parking fee.

Chris Howard
Steve Lathwell
That's all this weeks news and reports. Keep your reports and pictures coming in via the facebook page, club website or via What's app message to 07940 229071. All pictures of catches from Luton AC Waters that are sent in are automatically entered in to our monthly photo competition and you could win £25.00.

Tight Lines

Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 5th June 2022

Here is all this weeks news and information from Luton Angling Club. 31st May saw the close of the 2021/22 season and 1st of June the start of our 2022/23 season. The club is now 100 years old and still going strong.

Many of you have been out on the bank this week and its great to see lots of new members sending in their catch reports. Please keep them coming in via facebook, the club website or you can even send them via Whats App message to 07940 229071.

All pictures sent in are entered in to our monthly photo prize competition and you could win £25.00 if your picture is selected by the committee. May's winner is Damon Smith with his 27lb 12oz Common Carp from Beckerings.

North House Lake
Brian Turner had the time of his life catching some of the Tench from North house he had forgotten how pretty they are and how hard they fight. He had a double take at one point which was a challenge.

Also during the same session Brian had a 2lb Eel which turned out to be an expensive catch as while playing it he stepped back and on to his landing net handle and broke it.
Sam Poffley had two of the 2017 stockies and they continue to prove they are growing on well (see original weights in brackets) One at 18lb 3oz (stockie-5 5lb 2oz) and a stunning scaled one at 20lb 6oz(stockie 8 - 8lb 2oz)
Steven Marsters had a 4lb 2oz Eel and one of the 2021 stockies at around 7.5lb both were caught while he was targeting the Tench.
Beckerings Reservoir
George Griffiths had good fun catching over 100 Perch and he also had a 15lb Common at 3am in the morning.
New member Sean Watts fishing Beckerings for the first time had a 23lb 6oz Mirror Carp at 4:15 in the morning.
Marek Marecki had 2 nice Mirror Carp.
Harry Hart had Mirrors and Commons during his session.
Oscar McFadyen had a 15lb Common.
Tim Marler had this 38lb cat from Beckerings on Saturday. He thanks bailiff Rob for the help he gave.
Daniel Lynch also had one of the reservoirs cats this one was 46lb.
Match Report, Wednesday 1st June
14 Gathered at Braggenham side this week, on an overcast and drizzly morning that threatened heavier rain from the gathering dark clouds. The air temperature was a chilly 11C, which rose to 18C as the day wore on.
The Canal looked to be holding good colour and all were looking forward to a match on a section we hadn’t fished for some time.
Even though it was the run up to Bank holiday boat traffic was reasonable with boaters sticking to the middle channel.
The fishing however was extremely disappointing, anglers struggling for bites on a Canal that seemed very out of sorts, perhaps due to the continuing low temperatures and thunderstorms the day before.
Steve Lathwell weighed 1lb 2oz 8drm to take 1st place, Barry Roper 2nd with 1lb 0oz 8drm and Dennis Hunt 3rd.
A bonus this week was that although the weather was threatening during the match the rain didn’t appear and we went home dry!
Many thanks to all who helped organising the draw this week and Colin McBeth for helping weigh in this week.
1st Steve Lathwell 1lb oz 8drm
2nd Barry Roper 1lb 0oz 8drm
3rd Dennis Hunt 12oz 8drm
4th Richard Darbon 11oz
5th Graham Bulger 10oz 8drm
6th Terry Vickers & Malcolm Ogden 6oz
8th Roger Baker 5oz 8drm
9th Chris Howard 5oz
10th Ray Burton 3oz
11th Dudley Frankland 1oz
John Barton, Les Burton & Andy Norgate DNW
Next Wednesday, we were down to fish Cooks Wharf, but this has been changed and we will now fish The Globe, draw at 8.30 fish, 10.30 till 3.30 with £1.00 Luton peg fee £5.00 optional pools.

That's all for this week

Tight Lines

Dave M
Luton AC