Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 25th August 2019


Robert Barry Hall caught Donkey Head at 32lb 4oz

Thomas Caruso had a 30lb 8oz mirror

Phil & Callum Anderson managed 8 carp to 21lb during their latest session at Beckerings Reservoir with each catching the same heavily scaled mirror just hours apart.

Jamie Gladish a 17lb 6oz common

Darren Richards caught a big catfish that tipped the scales at 61lb from Beckerings Reservoir. It took over half an hour to land and was caught along with 4 carp between 17-20lb

A member found a seemingly unconscious Kingfisher in the Beckerings Reservoir car park. A quick trip to the local vet and the little guy was given a clean bill (excuse the pun!) of health. An hour or so after being found he was released back at the reservoir seemingly none the worse for his strange accident.

Matthew Gillson a 28lb 4oz common

Dean Brittain a 22lb common off the top

An email received yesterday isn't printable in its unedited form and was far from polite about the moron who decided it was ok to go for a dump no more than 30m from the serviced toilet leaving toilet paper strewn everywhere!!
This puts the whole facility at risk of being closed to fishing so members are urged to come forward with any information as to who did this as a LIFE BAN is waiting for them.
Any information will be treated with strict confidence. The bailiff team have narrowed the mindless moron down to just a couple of people.

LAVENDON MILL - we have been advised that the lock is not being used correctly and being locked on the chain above the farm lock this is preventing other users (the farmer and stable owners) access. Please be aware that where more than one lock is fitted to a chain that both are likely in use. Please ensure you do not bypass the other lock.


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 18th August 2019


9yr old Marvin caught a 19lb common on a zig

Dariusz Blahuta braved last weekends weather fishing the Ouse at Biddenham and the Grand Union Canal for pike and whilst the fishing wasn't easy he caught pike from both venues

A great Let's Fish event during the week on the Grand Union Canal at Three Locks, Stoke Hammond. Great weather and lots of fish caught by everyone. Most went away well hooked on fishing and can't wait for the next event so they can learn more!

Queens Works were back on the Ouse at Wyboston on Sunday 11th August where bleak, dace and small chub made up most of the weights along with 3 big perch of 2lb, 2lb 4oz and 2lb 11oz.
1st Paste Pearson 10lb 5oz
2nd Stuart K 8lb 3oz
3rd Peter Henegan 7lb 8oz
16 fished

A small group of the Abbey Lads fished at Slapton on the Grand Union Canal on Sunday 11th August.
The usual bream area produced the winning weight
1st P Deppe 19-09 - 5 good bream, skimmers & roach
2nd L Willis 12-00
3rd D Whillock 8-03




We have received very many more requests this season for a 3rd rod permit so to make it easier for our membership team and our members you can now purchase the upgrade on line
* 3rd rod ticket upgrade available for an additional £40
* Allows the use of a 3rd rod on North House Lake & Beckerings Reservoir 24/7 between 1st Sept & 31st March.
* Kempston Lake 3 rods allowed between 1st Nov & 30th April
* Grand Union Canal - upgrade allows use of 3 rods all year
* South Lagoon - upgrade allows use of 3 rods all year
* Luton AC river venues - upgrade allows use of 3 rods for the full river season (excludes water share venues which are 2 rods only)
* 3rd rod ticket is not available to junior members & you obviously need a rod licence that covers the 3rd rod

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 11th August 2019


Darren Brown 29lb 14oz personal best mirror

Rob Griffiths 25lb 5oz mirror

Iain Duck 25-06 common

Alfie Miller 23-05 mirror and 18-02 common

Tom Harris a scaley double figure mirror

Phil Anderson 20lb 10oz common
Tim Grover and his son had a great time along the Grand Union Canal

Plenty of trees and branches down around the venues after yesterdays high winds. Here are some of the ones down on the Wyboston complex. The bailiff team were hard at work from 6am this morning clearing what they could ahead of our qualified chainsaw operators arriving on site. The big one across the river will need to be taken care of by the EA with boats only just able to navigate past it. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the clear up.
Please be aware that some trees and branches may have been damaged by yesterdays gales but not fallen so do consider where you fish and have a good look at whats above you. Stay safe.

Kieran Cove has won the £25 July photo competition. Well done to Kieran who is a regular contributor and sends in some great photos. Kieran caught his 29lb 8oz mirror from Kempston Lake in July.

Theres still time to enter the £25 August photo competition which is open to all current Luton AC members. It must only be a catch photo from August 2019 and will be judged by the Luton AC Board. The prize goes to the captor and not the person who took the photo. Closing date for entries for August is 1st September 2019. Good luck

Heres an interesting read written by our canal bailiff Michael Wilkins