Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 27th January 2019

Venues have continued to freeze on and off through the week yet despite the weather there have been a handful of captures to report along with some nice photos.

Following on from last weeks report Aaron Kelly managed a 3rd common of 16lb after we went to print.

Ian Fisher tempted a 20lb+ common from the reservoir.

Gareth Evans beat his pike personal best with a chunky 18.5lb specimen from the Ouse.

The canal predator scene is really booming with some nice specimens being landed. Silviu Stoica was out on a very blustery day yet still managed some nice perch on lures.

The club are pleased to welcome Andy Gladdish to the canal bailiff team. Andy is based at Stoke Hammond and will predominately cover our Northern canal sections.

It was tough going for Abbey Lads on the GUC at Town South last weekend with them having to break the ice at the start
1st S MARSH 11-8-0
2nd K WARD 8-14-0 (8lb 4oz Pike)
3rd D SMITH 3-7-8
4th D WHILLOCK 2-3-0


CAN YOU HELP YOUR CLUB? - Volunteers needed


The club is looking to expand the existing Board and are looking for individual members or a number of friends to join us in running your club.
The club holds a monthly general meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month in Flitwick to discuss the many varied issues and resolve any problems that occur.
Anyone joining the board will be able to involve themselves with all aspects of the daily running of the club and influence polices from stocking our venues to how we maintain the waters, liaising with the various national authorities such as the Canal and River Trust the Environment Agency, The Angling Trust and many others.
Becoming a board member is a rewarding step for anyone who is a dedicated angler as it gives an insight into not only how an angling club is run on a daily basis but how the national authorities interact with angling clubs and influence their running by attending their conferences.
It will also give you access to many courses and seminars run by the various national authorities for example, how to determine water quality, how to calculate the correct biomass for each venue, the right type of fish to stock, these topics are just a few of the many that can be attended. We can also source courses for instruction in the use of power tools such as chain saws, cutting equipment, and other related skills.
Anyone interested please do not hesitate to contact the club via the contacts in your membership book or PM us here.

(photo of North House Lake by Brian Turner 21/1/19)

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 20th January 2019

With parts of the Grand Union Canal iced over this week was always going to be tough for those that ventured out.

Robert Barry Hall managed 2 carp to 18lb 2oz

with Aaron Kelly tempting 2 commons of 18lb 8oz and 18lb 10oz Sunday morning.

The canal is still fishing well with plenty of fish as always coming from Grove Marina with multiple carp catches along with the usual bream, perch, roach, chub and pike. The best pegs are those closest to the pub with catches dropping off the further away you fish.

Big perch to 3lb are being caught below the weir on lobworms.

These photos and details have just been passed to us by our friends at MKAA, this camera shy guy was fishing the Stoke Hammond Layby on the Grand Union Canal on 24th December 2018. He was caught on this Luton AC section with fish in a bag by an eagle eyed MKAA bailiff. He drives a fairly distinctive 53 plate Audi which when photographed had a scooter sticker on the back window so if that's still on the car it will be easy to spot. If seen please report to the club whose water you are fishing as he could appear anywhere. Thanks to the bailiff & MKAA.


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 13th January 2019


Braidan Tidmarsh managed commons of 21lb 13oz & 11lb 9oz both caught on zigs

Gareth Evans managed two firsts with his first ever Grand Union Canal pike and his first ever fish while dropshotting. 

The lock gates at Grove Church are currently being replaced and then they move to Slapton in two weeks to do the same there, thanks to Michael Wilkins for the photos.

Fergal O'Kane was back on the Ouse at Biddenham where after losing a pike he managed to tempt this one. Fergal says anglers fishing for the chub are catching specimens to near 7lb with the better fish being caught once its dark using lamprey chunks.

John Forsyth has sent us a nice photo from his recent visit to the Ouse at Lavendon Mill.

Hanwell fished the Grand Union Canal at Grove Marina on Sunday 6th Jan and here is their report-
'Many thanks for yesterday! As you suggested it would be, top weight was close to 20 lbs followed by 15lb, a couple of 8lbs with our final participants scratching about for a pound or two.Not their fault because all fish seemed to be at the pub end with top weight closest to the pub second best next peg and so on.The two unluckly ones farthest away looked on in envy! Total weight with six anglers out over 50 lbs- not bad for January! Again many thanks Hanwell
PS a couple of Perch about 2lbs,a couple of bream about 2-3 lbs,the rest mainly skimmers, a few roach and a few pope!'


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 6th January 2019


The fisheries management team were at Beckerings Reservoir in December to accept delivery of 150 Ide, 120 Chub and 25 Barbel all around 8-10 inches long they were introduced to the reservoir to boost the coarse fish stocks. If you catch any of these please weigh/photograph them and let us know so we can monitor their growth. Watch the video here

Tom Harris age 16 caught a personal best common of 22lb 8oz on New Years Eve

 Mick Thickens a 23lb 5oz common
and Jack Rose a nice double figure common.

The game keeper is currently shooting vermin at Beckerings Reservoir when no one is booked on for the night so those staying beyond 1 hour after sunset (sunset is currently 15.52) without booking on as night fishing (see page 38 of the membership book) are risking their own safety. He has come across anglers at the reservoir at 20.00hrs when no on was booked on. We have posted about this before so expect to be endorsed and dealt with accordingly as this could seriously threaten the future of our lease at the reservoir even if those concerned do not value their own safety. In recent weeks we have given a life ban to a member for an incident on another venue (see weekly news reports) so please abide by the rules of the club and if you can't please join another club as we really do not need you as a member. Thank you.

Kieran Cove landed the largest reported carp over the festive break with a 27lb 8oz specimen caught on New Years Eve.

Fergal O'Kane was back on the river at Biddenham 29/12/18 where he caught 3 small pike on deadbaits with the largest being the one below at 7lb 9oz. A couple of months ago in the same swim Fergal hooked a similar sized pike that was then grabbed by a huge pike but both sadly got away. The 7lb 9oz pike certainly has the scars from a close encounter with something that wanted to have it for dinner!!

Abbey Lads visited the Grand Union Canal in December on the Town North section.
1st S Marsh 19-12 bream
2nd= D Whillock 6-12 bream & roach.
2nd= D Smith 6-12 bream & roach
4th P Deppe 6-7 roach
5th K Ward 3-12 roach