Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area. Week Ending 26th July 2020

Lots of catch reports this week. Please keep them coming in. Our contact details are at the end of this article.

Beckerings Reservoir 
Andy Ayres caught his first ever carp Friday evening. It was from Beckerings and weighed 18lbs 8oz.

On his first session on Beckerings Allan Howard-King did a 48hr session and had 3 carp. Two were Commons at 16lb 5oz and 18lb 8oz and a lovely scaled mirror at 21lb 8oz a great couple of days fishing.
Also at Beckerings Carl Ramsay had a nice Common of 28lb 10oz its a nice welcome back after 10 years away from the club he also had a couple of Bream the largest at 8lb.

Grand Union Canal 
On Sunday 19th July Martin Cook had a nice 9lb 6oz mirror on sticky krill it's the 1st carp he has had in a couple of years from the canal. It looks very much like one of the 3000 stockies that the club introduced to the canal some years ago at only 2-3" long.

Ian Inness had this 25lb lump out of the Grand Union Canal on Thursday. He fished over a bed of particles with an 18mm pink fruit wafter he said he was buzzing as it's his first ever canal carp.
On Wednesday, Committee Member, Lavendon Bailiff and work party volunteer Bob Burdiak visited the members only car park at Slapton and strimmed the entire car park. The work party team,  bailiffs and club management who are all unpaid volunteers spend a lot of time behind the scenes keeping the venues in top top condition for you.
North House Lake
Junior member Patrick Szczerbinski had a 20lb Common from North House. His dad Artur then had a 22lb Common on pop up sweetcorn.

Lee Moore had a great 48 hour session with commons of 27lb 2oz and 24lb 4oz and a 23lb Mirror.

Kempston Lake 
Devin Gregory had this Awesome Common from Kempston last Sunday morning at 32lb 4oz. 

Match Reports 
Three of the Wednesday match group fished at Eaton Ford on Thursday this week and Dennis Hunt sent in his post match report."It was good to see another new face as Trevor had not joined us before.It was a warm and overcast day with a tricky and sometimes blustery downstream wind, which made float presentation difficult. There were plenty of bites on Caster, Maggot and Hemp, although they were quick and tricky to hit. Feeder, Pole and whip were the main methods used

All the anglers kept missing bites, occasionally connecting with the target Roach. Trevor Bunnage got completely smashed on the feeder about 1pm, he never saw the fish which tore away and broke 6lb line, the bait on this occasion being worm. Dennis had a big Perch follow a hooked Roach to the side

The final result this week was very close, it was good day out in good company.

Dennis Hunt 3lb 6oz,

Barry Roper 3lb 2oz

Trevor Bunnage 2lb 10oz

Next week we are going to fish at Slapton below the lock next Wednesday, Meet in the Club car park for 9 am walk off draw, Fish 10 till 3, £5.00 optional pools.

Visiting match group Potters Bar had a good day out and a close match at Biddenham on Sunday 19th July. The Match was won with 6lbs 4oz of mainly Roach taken on Maggot and Caster along the edge. Second was 5lb 4oz of Roach, taken on Hemp and Tare, and in 3rd place the weight was 5lb 2oz, again on hemp and tares fished mid river.

Many participants reported fish being taken by Pike ranging from small jack pike to much larger fish with Roach up to 12oz being taken. 

Great to hear a visiting Club enjoying their day out on our water.

We really appreciate any information, reports and stories from any of our waters and you don't have to catch a monster sized fish to feature in our weekly reports. Send in your pictures, stories and reports via WhatsApp to 07940 229071 or message us via our facebook page or you can also upload the pictures via our website. Don't forget all pictures sent in are automatically entered in to our £25 monthly photo competition. Remember that it's not always the biggest fish that wins so send us in pictures of all your catches!

Tight Lines 

Dave - Luton Angling Club 

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area. Week Ending 19th July 2020

Here is this weeks round up of club news and catch reports received from Luton AC waters. We really appreciate any information, reports and stories from any of our waters and you don't have to catch a monster sized fish to feature in our weekly reports.

Beckerings Reservoir 
James Hunter had a 29lb 12oz Mirror on Sunday 5th July.  A new personal best and he said it put up one hell of a fight!- My apologies to James for the late reporting of this catch as I missed the message he sent in

Also At Beckerings Neil Cox fished a very short session on Monday eveing and had a 23lb 6oz Mirror. Short sessions can often be very productive on Beckerings when conditions are right.
Mark Brookman had his first Beckerings Mirror after catching 6 Commons on the bounce. He didn't mention the weight but looks a good size and a stunning fish.

Regular contributor Rod Gladston sent us a picture of Grandson Charlie with a 7lb 8oz  Bream, caught 24 hours into a 48 hour session at Beckerings.
North House Lake 
Adam Eldrett had 4 pristine commons from North House Lake on his first ever overnight session. The largest was 22lb 6oz and he also had 3 mid doubles.
This pristine 18lb Common put up a hell of a fight with Neil Cox on his first ever session at North House. He said at one point it went for the overhanging trees and it was a bit frantic feeling the line grating on the branches he said it's one of the best fights he has had from a carp.

Nick Darvall caught this nice chunky common weighing 22lb 9oz from North House Lake in the early hours of the morning.

River Ouse - Lavendon Mill
Bailiff Bob fished the Ouse at Lavendon today and took a keepnet (something he doesnt usually do) in the hope of showing a catch of roach from the upstream stretch. He had good results on a waggler using sweetcorn and wheat as bait. The net was emptied after an hour and a half, from then it was catch and release as the roach kept coming. A pike took one roach but it didn’t put the fish off. The river was virtually still but had a hint of colour.

Wednesday Knock Up Match Group
The knock up match group arrived at Wyboston on Wednesday to find a river that looked in perfect fettle with good colour and moderate flow however all that shimmers isn't gold!

The day was overcast, and heavily at times and damp with sporadic outbreaks of rain and drizzle, and at times it felt more like October than July.

Conditions proved challenging with fish quite hard to come by, The anglers fished a variety of methods, stick float, pole and feeder and all caught fish, but nobody established a steady catch rate.

Nuala Gray turned out the days winner today with 3lb 13oz, Barry Roper weighed 3lb-10oz John Gray 2lb 10oz and Dennis Hunt bringing up the rear with just 2lb.

This week we will fish Eaton Ford, but please note we will fish on THURSDAY. Meet for 9am draw in the car park, fish 10 till 3 £5.00 optional pools. Any club member is welcome to attend and take part

Tight Lines - Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area. Week Ending 12th July 2020


The winner of the June photo competition was Rod Gladston with a picture of his Grandson Charlie who caught a Small Tench at North House Lake. The photo was chosen by the judges as it is not often we see small Tench but also the beaming smile on Charlie's face goes to show how pleased he was to catch it even though its not the monster carp he is used to catching! Rod says he is putting the £25 prize towards a 3 night fishing session for him and Charlie in Norfolk later this month. All catch photos from Luton AC waters sent in to us are automatically entered and are judged by the committee at the end of each month – As you see from June’s winner it’s not always the biggest fish that wins so send in any of your catch pictures to enter.

Bailiff Brian Turner fished on 6th July and had an amazing result catching the Common Carp known as Shadow at 34lb 9oz this is a new PB for Brian and needless to say he was absolutely buzzing as a result. This is the second time we have reported Shadow in as many weeks a very greedy fish at the moment.

Daniel Keefe also fished North House on Monday night and was the only angler booked on. This paid off as he reports catching a nice 26lb Common in the early hours of the morning

Do you remember the first carp you ever caught? Sam Cervano certainly will with a 22lb 6oz Common caught from North House Lake on Thursday morning.


Becoming a familiar face on our weekly reports is young Charlie Albone this week with a stunning looking Mirror from Beckerings a couple of great photos of the fish were captured by Grandad Rod Gladston who also sent in a picture of Beckerings with an accompanying caption of "You don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy this view but it helps"

Tim Grover fished the Grand Union on Monday and had a 16lb 5oz Common Carp.

Wyboston River Ouse
Mariusz had a good sessipn on the River Ouse at Wyboston catching some nice Roach and 2 Zander.

Biddenham River Ouse
Peter Donnison enjoyed an entertaining afternoon session on the river at Biddenham with Rain, Rain and more Rain however it was worth braving the wet weather as a nice variety of fish were caught including Small chub, Roach, some nice Perch and a Small Pike.

Wednesday Knock Up Match Report.

No Formal match report this week as only two fished on the feeder at Eaton Ford on Wednesday, Roach and Chub were caught but the disappointingly the Bream, the intended target failed to show.

Next Wednesday 15th July we will fish the river at Wyboston. Meet behind North House lake for 9am Draw, fish 10 till 3. There is a £5.00 optional pools for those who wish to enter.

Potential Inter Club Match.

Luton Angling Club have been challenged by St Neots Angling and Fish Preservation Society to a one off  Inter-club match with two legs, one home and one away. If successful this could  become an annual event against our neighbour club.


Before accepting the invitation, we would like to know if we have enough members interested representing the Club. A Team would consist of between 6 and 10 anglers. The dates will be confirmed once we know we can muster a team but the matches would be at the weekend. Entry would be free but there would of course be optional pools.

We have already had a few angler’s express interest but would like to know if anyone else would like to join in.

Could anybody interested please contact us via facebook via or via the contact form on our website  Don't be afraid if you aren’t the most experienced Match angler, register your interest come along, join in and have some fun. 

Send in your catch reports, pictures, stories via facebook, email or Whats app to 07940 229071. We welcome content from our members whether it be videos, a story of your days fishing  or pictures of the venues or wildlife you have seen or pictures and reports of the fish you have caught.

That's it for this week - Until next week Tight Lines!


Luton Angling Club

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area. Week Ending 5th July 2020

Here is this weeks round up of club news and catch reports received from Luton AC waters. We really appreciate any information, reports and stories from any of our waters and you don't have to catch a monster sized fish to feature in our weekly reports. We would really like to see some more reports,videos stories and pictures from our River venues so please send them in if you get out fishing.

North House Lake
At North House Lake this week Charlie Albone was catching small perch and also managed to catch this small tench, as you'll see from the picture it doesn't have to be a monster to bring a smile to Charlie's face. We have seen some great catch photos from Charlie and he's becoming a very good young angler.

Charlie also fished North House again on Saturday and had a long common weighing in at 18lb.

Matthew Scott returned  to North House Lake after 4 years and had one of the lakes largest residents, a common carp that is known as Shadow weighing 34lb. He last caught Shadow in 2015 at a similar weight.


On Monday evening we received reports from the bailiff of a large tree that had fallen across the track by Peg 12 during the strong winds so early Tuesday morning one of Luton AC’s trained chainsaw operators Mark Brooks assisted by David Murdoch and bailiff Mark Sessions cut up and moved a very large Poplar tree that had cracked at the base causing it to fall.


After moving the tree they stayed on and did a bit of fishing with Mark Brooks catching several of the Ide that were stocked by the club over the last few years. We are pleased to report they are growing on well. Dave hooked a carp while fishing for the roach on light tackle but unfortunately the light tackle was no match for the carp and it was lost after a short battle.

Tyler Dungey fished the reservoir on Wednesday and started off with 3 huge Bream, He then went on to capture his first Beckerings Carp which was caught in the margins on a pink pop up. He then finished off the session with another Common of 18lb 5oz.

Alfie Miller had a fantastic 24 hour session catching 7 carp including a double take resulting in a brace of commons

George Griffiths also had a good result on Beckerings and landed a nice 26lb Mirror carp which I am led to believe is a new personal best for him.

Wyboston River Ouse
Howard Hornby caught a nice Rudd estimated at around 2lb it's a fish we don't see too many of these days so great to see. It was caught float fishing the margins with sweetcorn. Andy Ayres also caught a Rudd of a similar size. We don't often get reports of Rudd from the river so 2 of a good size in one week is a good sign that they are making a return let us know if you've caught one.
Kempston Lake
Jordan Phillip reported a lovely dark coloured Common at 24lb caught from Kempston lake last Thursday.

Eaton Ford
The river at Eaton Ford continues to produce decent sized Bream and this is a venue to watch as it is really starting to produce some nice fish. The venue was not very popular for a number of years and it became very overgrown and unmanageable. Thanks to a grant from the Angling Trust and hard work of the work party team along with further and continuing development and maintenance work by member Glen Daniels and the bailiff Stuart over the last couple of years it is really looking great and starting to fish well so we recommend giving it a try.

Wednesday Knock up Match Report 1st July 2020 - report by Dennis Hunt 
On Wednesday four anglers fished on the Ouse at Biddenham and it was heartening to see another new face join us for the first time. I am annoyed to report that on arrival we found general litter hidden in the bushes by peg 6, which we cleared before leaving. It should be clearly understood by members that anyone identified as leaving litter will be BANNED for life.
All who came had a good time in challenging conditions with little flow on the river in the deeps.
Various tactics and baits were used during the match, stick float, feeder, Long Whips and Pole.
Dean was smashed mid river by a good fish on a single grain of corn, and Dennis had a roach taken by a huge perch, which was clearly seen in the water and also lost two other large fish (unseen) in the lilies by the edge.
Darren worked hard catching numbers of Bleak and small fish for his winning weight, well done Darren, we hope to see you again.


1st Darren Savage
4lb 12oz
Bleak/Small Fish

2nd Dennis Hunt
3lb 4oz
Roach and Dace

3rd Dean Beach
2lb 14oz
Small Fish

4th Barry Roper
Perch and Small Fish.
2lb 10oz

Next week the group will fish the river at Eaton Ford again, meet in the car park for 9 am draw £5.00 optional pools. If you fancy coming along to our Wednesday Knock ups any club member is very welcome, the idea is to have some fun with a bit of competition thrown in.
Why don’t you come and give it a go? If you need any more information then send us a message and we will put you in touch with Dennis the organiser.

Please submit any catch reports or pictures if you go fishing you can message us via our facebook page or upload pictures and reports via our website or whats app from your phone to 07940 229071.


David Murdoch 
Luton Angling Club