Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report 25th June 2017

 Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report 25th June 2017

16yr old Filip Dunaj had a week to remember after finishing his GCSE exams he spent 24hrs in baking temperatures at North House Lake Monday through to Tuesday where he managed three commons and mirrors to high doubles on Mad Baits. 
While his father Wojciech attended a Luton AC Board meeting on Thursday evening Filip got dropped off at the nearby Beckerings Reservoir to do some lure fishing for perch & pike using a light lure set up. 

Letting his small spoon drop through the 15ft depths Filip quickly realised something was a miss when straight after casting and his bale arm open line continued to leave his spool at an every increasing rate. 

Some 20 minutes later and he had the largest catfish in the reservoir at 56lb in his landing net. The catfish is a potential club record and would add to Filips 10lb zander record he caught in 2015 as a junior.

Father & son then went along a stretch of local river where both caught barbel & chub with Wojciech catching his very first barbel.

Scott C caught the well known Two Tone mirror at 24lb 12oz

Pawel Ceks landed a 22lb common 

Brian Turner banked a 26lb personal best common

Toddingtons Saturday match on the Grand Union Canal at Ivinghoe was hampered by very strong wind and overall weights were poor
1st Dave Britton 6lb15oz mainly skimmers
2nd Steve Lathwell 4lb 10ozs mainly small roach 
3rd Dave Ridley 1lb 10oz all roach

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report 18th June 2017

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report 18th June 2017

18th June 2017

The start of the new river season coincided with a heatwave and made catching anything something of a challenge.

Our Chairman Dennis Hunt also braved the 30 degree heat on Saturday putting his level 2 coaching to good use on the canal for the son of a Guardian newspaper reporter which should appear in Mid July. Many thanks to the Brownlow B&B for allowing the use of their facilities.


On an undisclosed section of the River Great Ouse Pawel Ceks found the bream feeding and landed them to 6lb.


Regular Carlo Borromeo managed six carp to over 20lb all caught on Mad Baits

Lee Moore once again caught the mirror known as Pecs at a spawned out weight of 28lb and added a 23lb 8oz common for good measure.


Tavern Otters Eastern Enfield A.S. fished the Grand Union Canal on Sunday 11th June
1. D. IONTTON 15.10.0
2. J. KELLY 14. 9.0
3. A. MILLS 10.12.0

The winning weight consisted of mainly Skimmers and Roach caught on the pole, down the middle, using a mixture of corn, pellet and maggots. It was mainly Skimmers and Roach caught throughout, one angler had a couple of 3lb Bream. There were no Carp caught. 
15 members fished the match, the total weight was 81.05.0.

The Sensas Canal League were also on the canal where over 27lb won the day with many other 20lb and double figure nets. No surprises or exotic catches other than a terrapin being seen.


Luton Angling Club News Report 11th June 2017

Luton Angling Club News Report 11th June 2017

A very busy week for Luton Angling Club

In preparation for the start of the river season on 16th June our team of volunteers where busy strimming the nettles at Lavendon on the River Great Ouse where some big chub were seen in the margins.

Sunday 11th June saw the South Lagoon on the Wyboston Complex was the latest venue for the clubs grant funded taster day on for beginners and novice anglers. The event was very well attended with families bringing children along to enjoy the fresh air, sunny conditions and a completely free event.

All of the club gate locks have now been changed including all river venues so only the new 2017/18 keys will work.


The canal is fishing a storm with the Grove Church to Grove Marina section being the most popular for good weights of roach & skimmers. Alex Buey landed a good size canal carp from an undisclosed section controlled by the club on Five Star Baits.


Steve Osborn has landed the much sought after Shadow Common at 33lb 8oz, this is Steves second capture of this fish.
Carlo Borromeo has been catching lots of good carp from North House in recent weeks on Mad Baits.

While visiting his brother in Ireland Luton AC Treasurer Fergal O'Kane has been fishing Sligo Bay where he caught large numbers of Pollock & Mackerel.


33-08.jpg - Steve Osborn and a repeat capture of the Shadow Common from North House Lake
Carlo.jpg - Carlo Borromeo with one of his many captures from North House Lake in recent weeks

Alex.jpg - Alex Buey and a good size Grand Union Canal carp

Fergal.jpg - Fergal O'Kane has been enjoying good Pollock & Mackerel fishing from Irelands Sligo Bay

Strimming.jpg - Volunteers busy strimming the Ouse at Lavendon ahead of the new river season

Wyboston.jpg - Getting ready for the South Lagoon Taster Day