Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week ending 25th June 2023

Here is the weekly news information and catch report round up from Luton Angling Club. 

Beckerings Reservoir
On Monday we received pictures of the big cat reported by Jason Mash last week, He also fished the reservoir again this week and had success catching two Commons.
Jason Mash - Beckerings Catfish
Jason Mash - Beckerings Common Carp
Jason Mash - Beckerings Common Carp
Darren Savage spent a few hours after work at Beckerings, and he had this 20 lb mirror
Darren Savage - Mirror from Beckerings
Phil Anderson had these Mirrors from Beckerings on Tuesday night. One at 9lb 8oz is definitely a 2022 stockie (number 23) and has gained 2lb since the stocking. The other at 12lb 10oz doesn't appear to be one of the stockies. He said the Bream were on the munch as he had 15 through the night and it didn't matter what bait he put on, he even moved swim at 5am and still had 9 bream and 3 carp in 2 hours.
Phil Anderson - Stockie 23 - 9lb 8oz
Phil Anderson - Stockie 23 - 9lb 8oz
Phil Anderson - 12lb 10oz Mirror
Phil Anderson - 12lb 10oz Mirror
Phil's son Callum had a 17lb common it was caught on madbaits. He also had a big warrior of a Roach.
Callum Anderson - Common Carp - 17lb Beckerings
Callum Anderson - Roach from Beckerings
Damon Smith had Commons of 15-14, 23-08, 19-09, and 15lb from Beckerings he
also lost an unseen fish that went off like a train. All were caught on skerkro baits fished snowman style to method feeder tactics.
Damon Smith - Beckerings Common
Damon Smith - Beckerings Common
Damon Smith - Beckerings Common
Damon Smith - Beckerings Common
North House Lake
Gregg Taberner had a Common carp weighing 28lb from North House Lake last Saturday.
Venues at Wyboston - Electricity Pylon works
If you intend on fishing any of the venues accessed through the Wyboston complex (South Lagoon, North House, River Ouse) please be aware that maintenance work on the electricity pylons that cross South Lagoon has now started and will be ongoing for some time. South Lagoon and the other venues remain open for fishing. There will be times when access to some areas and pegs on South Lagoon will be unavailable. Please follow any diversion routes, take note of, and follow any signage or instructions from the workforce on site. DO NOT OBSTRUCT THIS WORK OR CAUSE ANY ISSUES!
Fishing for Pike in hot weather.
WIth the hot weather this week a reminder to all anglers that targeting Pike is not recommended when water temperatures are high. Pike are very poor at oxygen recovery following extended levels of exertion i.e., from being caught on rod and line and when they are returned to oxygen poor water they can die. Pike are also quite fragile creatures and extended handling and time out of the water can make this situation much worse. Fishcare for all species should be an anglers number one priority at all times.

Wednesday Match Report - Grand Union Canal, Cooks Wharf
13 anglers turned up for Wednesday's match on the longest day of the year.
After the recent thunderstorms the weather was warm with a fresh cooling and welcome breeze. The canal looked to be a good colour and warm at 21 degrees, and thankfully free of the recently reported floating weed. There were a few fish topping here and there, and the presence of tiny fry in the margins was a welcome sight. Pegging was difficult because of the presence of many moored boats and there were long walks for many. It was a day when the usually favoured early pegs between the railway bridge and the swing bridge failed to produce with todays winner Sean Leatherland, taking 8lbs 5oz of small skimmer bream and perch at 11 metres on red maggot and caster over groundbait from a peg beyond the swing bridge. Second on the day was Simon Foulkes with a level 5lbs fishing similar tactics on a peg below the lock.
Full results:
1. Sean Leatherland 8 - 5 - 0
2. Simon Foulkes 5 - 0 - 0
3. Bart Bonito 3 - 15 - 0
4. Dave Abbott 3 - 2 - 0
5. Tony Hickmott 1 - 8 - 0
6. John Grey 1 - 5 - 0
7. Sid Wilson 1 - 3 - 0
8. Nuala Grey 1 - 1 - 0
9. Andy Norgate 0 - 9 - 0
Chis Howard 0 - 9 - 0
10. Les Burton 0 - 4 - 0
DNW Richard Gibbs
DNW Tim Watts
Thanks to Les Burton and Andy Norgate for doing the very challenging pegging, and for weighing in.
Next week sees us fish the lower lake at Lakeside, Cublington which Chris Howard has kindly offered to peg. There are 25 pegs available and very few spare, so for anyone considering joining us please remember to message so we know you are coming before turning up. This enables us to better manage the pegging.
Meet at Lakeside ready for an 8.30am draw. £5 optional pools and £1 Wednesday peg fee.

If you would like to send us a catch report from a Luton AC Water you can send reports and pictures via our facebook page and other social media accounts, the club website or via what’s app message to 07940 229071. Don’t forget every picture we receive is automatically entered in to our monthly photo prize which is judged by the committee and you could win £25.00. It’s not always the biggest fish that wins so well worth sending in any of your catch reports.

Tight Lines Until Next Week!
Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week ending 18th June 2023

Here is the weekly news information and catch report round up from Luton Angling Club.

Friday saw the start of the River fishing season and our members will be glad to get back fishing on the rivers. Our River bailiffs have been hard at work over the past couple of weeks ensuring all our stretches are in tip top condition. Please send in any of your river catch reports from any of our river stretches via facebook, the club website or what's app to 07940 229071. All pictures are entered in to our monthly photo competition and one will be chosen to receive a £25.00 cash prize. May's winner was Gary Waller with his 11lb Bream from Beckerings.

Eaton Ford
Edward Allen and his son Dexter fished the river at Eaton Ford. They arrived at around 15:30 and started with a little bit of jigging for perch. Edward only had one small perch, and Dexter had a couple of hits but no fish.
They then set up the ledgering gear at around 18:00 once most of the boat traffic had dropped off and they fished across with pellet and meat, which produced an early bream for Dexter and an eel each plus several missed bites. Edward also had a warrior bream on the inside feeder line on corn and groundbait. On the right gear he said they fight like hell!
Grand Union Canal
Jak Barr had a good day catching Perch on the Grand Union Canal on Tuesday 6th June, The biggest one was 1lb 8oz, and measured 34cm. It was his first time fishing this specific stretch and he was happy with the result. The fish were caught using a 5cm spiky shad fast jig retrieve.
Jak Barr - Grand Union Canal
Edward Allen popped down the canal last Saturday evening with the perch jigs hoping for a few Perch but only had one bite, and it wasn't a perch! a little jack grabbed his white crayfish pattern on the drop.
Edward Allen - Jack Pike - Grand Union Canal
North House Lake
After a year off the Luton ticket, Jason Wilson had a 28lb 1oz Common on his first session back at the venue.
Jason Wilson 28lb 1oz from North House
Beckerings Reservoir
With the continued warm weather and the need for irrigation the water levels continue to fall with levels now around 800mm down and are approaching what I call the awkward stage. Please take care as the banks to the side of the platforms can be quite slippery until they dry out. A reminder that when water levels fall sufficiently below the platforms members are then permitted to sit/bivvy up directly in front of the platforms.

Nick Lynch had a 20lb 12oz mirror from Beckerings last Friday just after midnight it was his first 20+ fish from a Luton water. He also had a 6-7lb bream but didn't photograph it. Fish were caught on Mamba Baits papi-nut boilies.
Nick Lynch 20lb 12oz Beckerings
Nick Lynch 20lb 1oz Beckerings
A member who had just returned to angling after a few years off had the big catfish on Saturday morning I am not sure on the exact weight but was in the high 60's.

‘Lets Fish’ Alders Farm.
Alders Farm fishery held an open day on Saturday 10th June, attended by many large tackle companies, and Canal and River Trust were invited to participate by organising a ‘Let Fish’ event, along with coaches from Guru.
Luton Angling club’s coaching team were asked by CRT to coach and man the reception desk for the event. Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far, and with the help of Guru’s coaches, we were able to give approximately 60 youngsters an introduction to fishing, with all of them catching a fish.
Luton coach Mark Brooks had one of his pupils catch a carp early on, but the highlight of the day must go to a young lady called Sophia, who at the very end of her session asked if she could catch another fish and hooked a carp.
Sofia was able to play it for 25 minutes on light elastic and a carp of approximately three and a half pounds was successfully landed.
The day was very busy, and some of the participants expressed an interest in joining our club junior section, so we will hopefully see them again.
Sophia with her Carp at the Let's Fish Event at Alders Farm
Wednesday Match Report 14th June Mill Cotton, Ringstead
This week we had arranged to fish Mill Cotton Ringstead, a super well stocked lake, with lots of features and lily pads, which belongs to WNDAC. They very generously allowed us to hold our match here this week.
The twelve Luton anglers fishing met at the lake on a warm summer morning with a clear blue sky, with a very warm day in prospect, so suncream and umbrellas used as sunshades were in order. The water was nicely coloured, and the water temperature was steady at 22C.
Andy Frankum was our winner this week with 32lb 15oz. Andy had a great day, he initially fed the middle with caster and hemp, and had few small fish and a carp, and when this dried up he then feed the far bank with micro pellets and caster, fishing worm on the bottom, switching later to fishing shallow with caster about a foot deep to take his bag.
Richard Gibbs took second with 18lb 9oz starting on a pole down the middle and had a pound and a half chub straight away on dead maggot over hemp. He got pestered by small roach, and after catching a small crucian, the swim died. He then switched to fishing a small hybrid feeder filled with micro pellet and a fjuka wafter on the hook, feeding loose tares and pellet over the top and landed several more crucians, two carp and two tench.
John Grey took third with 15Lb 11, catching on pinkie over a bed of hemp at 3 metres.He had one bigger carp which weighed 5lb 7oz and took 40 minutes to land on no. 4 elastic. During the fight his no.7 pole section slipped onto the lake, so he had to go swimming to get it back. Good job it was a hot day!
Paul Carr took fourth framing for the first time with 9lb 8oz. He started on single pinkie close in and had a skimmer first bite followed by a few roach. When that dried up he moved to the middle, where he caught lovely crucians and a couple of tench on double red maggot, with a couple more on pellet and one on worm. The only bigger carp he hooked got away snagging him and breaking the hook length in the process.
A big thank you to Wellingborough for allowing us to use their facility, and to all those who assisted with the draw and weigh in, a very hot, but enjoyable day.
1st Andy Frankum 32lb 17oz
2nd Richard Gibbs 18lb 9oz
3rd John Grey 10lb 15oz
4th Paul Carr 9lb 8oz
5th Richard Darbon 8lb 3oz
6th Dennis Hunt 8lb 2oz
7th Sean Leatherland 7lb 8oz
8th Terry Vickers 7lb 3oz
9th Tony Hickmott 3lb 14oz
10th Malcolm Ogden & Nuala Grey 2lb 3oz
12th Les Burton 0lb 13oz
For anyone thinking of joining us on a Wednesday for the first time can we ask you message us so we know you are coming before turning up, so we can ensure we have room as this will allow us to better manage the pegging. You will be asked to produce your Club book at first appearance, so please have it with you.
This week we will fish the Grand Union Canal at Cooks Wharf meet for 8-30 draw in the Car park £1 Wednesday peg fee, £5-00 optional pools.

Mill Cotton - Ringstead WDNAC

Thats all we have for now...

Tight Lines Until Next Week! Dave M Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week ending 11th June 2023

Here is all this week's news, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club.

Bait and Water Quality
We ask all anglers to carefully consider how much bait is being used, please don’t put too much bait in the water.
If it isn’t eaten, it will go rotten on the bottom and takes vital oxygen out of the water, not to mention causing potentially harmful algal blooms due to an overload in nutrients. This could lead to venue closures and, worse case scenario a severe oxygen crash and fish mortality.

As temperatures have increased significantly, please remain vigilant when visiting our fisheries. With the added risks of Algal Blooms and localised thunderstorms following the hot weather, this can lead to some serious incidents, particularly dissolved oxygen crashes. Don’t forget, if you spot signs of dead or distressed fish then please call the EA incident hotline number immediately (0800 807060) as the area fisheries teams have a dedicated Fisheries Duty Officer (FDO) on standby 24/7 ready to attend any fisheries incidents.

River Season - Starts 16th June.
From Friday 16th June we can all start fishing all the River sections again. Our bailiffs and work party teams have been hard at work getting all our stretches tidy, clear and ready for the new season.

North House Lake
Rod Gladston with one of the October 2021 North House stockies, weight 13lb 4oz. I think it is number 23 stocked at 9lb 7oz. Pictures of all the stockies can be found in the galleries on the club website at the link below. If you catch any of them please let send a picture so we can monitor their growth.
Rod Gladston - North House Stockie 13lb 4oz
Rod Gladston - North House Stockie 13lb 4oz

Beckerings Reservoir
Daniel Lynch and junior member Harley Lynch managed to bank a lovely common over the weekend. This was one of two fish they had during the session.
Dan and Harley - Beckerings Common Carp
Dan Lynch -  Beckerings Common Carp
Nick Lynch had Commons of 18lb 9oz and 18lb during his session on Beckerings last Sunday night/Monday morning. He also had a nice bream to finish the session off. These are his first 2 carp from the venue.
Nick Lynch - Common Carp, Beckerings
Nick Lynch - Common Carp, Beckerings
Nick Lynch - Bream, Beckerings
Louis Coupland had an absolute beast of a Catfish on Friday evening weighing 62lb. A new pb for him, and also his first ever fish from Beckerings. Big thanks to Damon Smith who helped take the pictures.
Louis Copeland 62lb Beckerings Catfish
Louis Copeland - 62lb Beckerings Catfish
Damon Smith had a common of upper double figures on Friday evening.It was caught on Skerkro Krovy boilies. He also had half a dozen monster slabs and a greedy 1lb 8oz Roach that took the double boilie which was intended for a carp.
Wyboston River Ouse - Work Party 10th June 2023
We had another scorcher of a Wyboston Ouse work party this weekend - the Wyboston River work party always seems to be on the hottest of days! All the swims were cleared and the pathways cut. Thanks go to the following for all their hard work today David Murdoch, Fergal O'Kane, Neville Hunt, Bob Burdiak, Rob Dunthorne, Barry Stevenson, Des Saunders, We also welcomed new club member Tom Smith to the volunteer team. Thanks must also go to club member Andy Smith who generously supplied us all with Bacon&Sausage rolls, Tea/Coffee, Cakes and cold drinks which were thoroughly enjoyed by all! The river is looking very nice - Roll on the 16th!
Wyboston River Ouse - Work Party
Barry Stevenson at the Wyboston Work Party
Andy Smith - Work Party catering
Wyboston Work Party
Wyboston Work Party
Wednesday Match Group Report and Results 7/6/23 - South Lagoon
12 anglers assembled at South Lagoon Wednesday morning for their weekly match. The drop in temperature overnight ensured the day began with a definite chill in the air and overcast. There was good colour in the water but with a north east breeze causing a ripple on the water, it was going to be a challenging day, and so it proved with low weights for many. The cloud broke cover around midday with the sun making a welcome return for the rest of the day.
Most opted for a feeder or waggler approach with the pegs facing the breeze being the most productive.
Jim Tookey on peg 16 spent time baiting up and then fished a window feeder with worm or dead maggot on the hook for a winning weight of 9lbs 2ozs of Bream and Roach. Second placed Steve Lathwell next door on peg 17 fished similar tactics using maggot or corn on the hook for a 7lbs 10ozs bag of Bream and Roach. Third placed Sean Leatherland on peg 11 fished a waggler float for 4lbs 9ozs of Bream and Roach taken on maggot over groundbait.
1. Jim Tookey 9lbs 2ozs
2. Steve Lathwell 7lbs 10ozs
3. Sean Leatherland 4lbs 9ozs
4. Barry Roper 3lbs 12ozs
5. Richard Darbon 2lbs 15ozs 8drms
6. Andy Norgate 2lbs 7ozs
7. Terry Vickers 1lbs 8ozs
8. Richard Gibbs 0lbs 9ozs
9. Malcolm Ogden 0lbs 4ozs 8drms
10th Roger Baker & Ray Burton 0lbs 3ozs
DNW Les Burton
Thanks to Ray Burton for providing the information about the pegging, plus Les Burton and Roger Baker for weighing in.
Thanks also to bailiff Barry Emery, who turned up and had a friendly chat with us was nice to meet you, Barry!
This coming Wednesday, we shall be fishing Wellingborough & District Nene Angling Clubs Snake Lake at Ringstead. 8.30am draw at the lake, £1 peg fee and £5 optional pools.
For anyone thinking of joining us for the first time can we ask you to message us so we know you are coming before turning up. This is so we can be sure to accomodate you and better manage the pegging. You will be asked to produce your Club book at the first appearance so please have it with you.

Slipe Lane Pits - Now Open following spawning.
Slipe Lane Pits are back open following a temporary clsure while fish were spawning. The bailiffs remind all members NO PARKING IN THE LANE please use the carpark, anyone caught parking in the lane will get a minimum of a 3 month ban from the Pits and Luton members will also be liable to disciplinary action from the Luton AC Committee.

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week ending 4th June 2023

 Here is all this weeks, News, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club.

Thursday 1st June saw the start of our 2023/2024 season with new members eager to get out and fish our waters. We welcome all our new members and wish them Tight Lines for the 2023/24 season. Please do send in your catch reports as they are important for the growth of the club and for us to see how are waters are performing. 

You can send in catch reports and pictures via our website or our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram or by what's app to 07940 229071. We look forward to seeing them.

The club will be holding a work party on the River Ouse at Wyboston next Saturday 10th June to strim the pathways and clear the swims along the river ready for the 16th June when the river season starts, Members are encouraged to come and lend a hand. We'll meet in the nature reserve car park along the track beyond North House at 9am.

South Lagoon - Wyboston
South Lagoon has been fishing well for the Carp recently - Steve Holt fished for 24hrs on South Lagoon and caught this lovely Common. It weighed 32lb 4oz and is a new PB for Steve.
Steve Holt 32lb 4oz - South Lagoon
Steve Holt 32lb 4oz - South Lagoon
Amer Jawad's latest video "Window Feeder of Opportunity" filmed at South Lagoon is now on his YouTube channel. Please like and subscribe to his channel - It's completely free and your support will help with the creation of future videos.
Amer Jawad - YouTube Video
Missed out on club membership? Don't forget you can also fish South Lagoon on a Day and Night Ticket available on the bank from our bailiffs.

Beckerings Reservoir
Peter Wells fished Beckerings on Friday night, He had a 22lb common at around midnight and then he had the Half Lin at 1st light Saturday morning, weighing in at 35.8lb, what a stunning fish and apparently she put up an awesome fight.
Peter Wells - Beckerings - 22lb Common
Peter Wells - Beckerings - Half Lin 
Peter Wells - Beckerings - Half Lin 
Phil Anderson is glad to be back with the club this year and he fished Beckerings Friday night. It was hard going but he did manage a 21lb Scaley mirror using Mad Baits Pandemic over some loose bait and a couple of spods of hemp and corn.
Phil Anderson - Beckerings
Kenzie Lynch caught a fish weighing 1lb 10oz from Beckerings and wasn't 100% sure what it was. We are certain it's a Roach on this occasion but sometimes the Ide are misidentified as Roach as they do look similar.
Kenzie Lynch - 1lb 10oz
Kenzie Lynch - 1lb 10oz
North House Lake
Kevin Sanders had one of the stockies from North House, It put up a right scrap and fought well so he put antiseptic on its lip and wanted to return it quickly to the water so it wasn't weighed. Kevin has also been back to North House since to do a feature on Tench fishing for the Angling Times which we hope to see published soon.
Kevin Sanders - Stockie NHL
Kevin Sanders - Stockie NHL
Venue Bailiffs - a credit to our club
Our venue bailiffs do a fantastic job and are a credit to the club. They help keep our venues in tip-top condition. Just a couple of recent examples - Beckerings bailiff Rob spent Sunday mowing all around Beckerings and today Lavendon bailiff Roger has strimmed most of the downstream section of the river. It was like a jungle with 4 to 5 feet high of Cow Parsley, nettles and grass. He'll finish it off tomorrow and then he and Bob Burdiak will give it another strim a couple of days before the season starts on the 16th June. Upstream will be done at the same time.
Beckerings - Grass Cut by Rob
Beckerings - Grass Cut by Rob
Lavendon - Work in Progress
Kingfisher follow on Coaching pathway, Slapton Saturday 3rd June.
The Club ran another Kingfisher Coaching pathway event at Slapton on Saturday and were pleased to welcome William who is joining the Club as a Junior member among the others who attended.
We again had a range of abilities on the bank from beginners to more experienced anglers All our young anglers set up their tackle correctly and concentrated well, but this week despite looking great the Canal turned out to be very moody, the good fishing of recent weeks had disappeared, and bites were at a premium. The bites our anglers had were mostly tentative affairs and not easy to hook, but despite this most caught several fish, and some bigger specimens were lost.
The moody canal is no doubt due to fluctuations in temperature and spawning, as fishing anywhere at the moment is challenging. All our young anglers did well, and all came away having learnt something from the day.
We are all looking forward to our next event when hopefully the Canal will have returned to better form.
Coaching Follow on - 3rd June at Slapton
Coaching Follow on - 3rd June at Slapton
Match Report 31st May How End (Water End Clophill)
We had 16 fish our Wednesday Match at Water End this week. With a 10C drop in temperature a chilly wind and spawning fish it was a challenging affair and weights were low.
The venue was holding good colour and after making our way to our pegs and setting up a number of those present, had fish straight off, but then the fishing slowed. Several lost good fish, and John Gray nearly lost the top four from his pole!
John was fishing the far side, had a vicious take, the pole went round and shortly after, there was a loud report as the No 4 section parted. The top 3 and a half sections dropped in the lake and accelerated away, towed by the fish making 25 Yds before shedding the hook.
Fortunately, the lost sections floated, and were retrieved later with the aid of a landing net.
Richard Gibbs our winner this week weighing 28lb 14oz, fished a small feeder on the far side using dead reds on the hook, and loose fed caster and fishery micro pellet. He caught 5 Carp but had to wait a long time between bites. After a long period with no bites at all he changed hookbait to a 6mm Fjuka wafter and caught 3 more fish in the last hour.
Nuala Gray was out with us again after a long break but proved she hadn’t lost her form coming second with 10lb 1oz. She also used feeder tactics to temp her fish, using a method feeder filled with micro pellet and caster, baited with red maggots.
Sean Leatherland picked up third place with 8lb 11oz and Jim Tookey fourth with 8lb 5oz.
1st Richard Gibbs 28lb 140z
2nd Naula Grey 10lb 1oz
3rd Sean Leatherland 8lb 11oz
4th Jim Tookey 8lb 5oz
5th Andy Frankum 7lb 4oz
6th Colin McBeth 5lb 9oz
7th Adrian Smith 4lb 1oz
8th Richard Darbon 3lb 14oz
9th John Barton 3lb 0oz
10th Les Burton 2lb 14oz
11th Dennis Hunt 2lb 2oz
12th Terry Vickers 1lb 12oz
DNW Ash Bunnage, Ray Burton, John Grey, Tony Hickmott
For anyone thinking of joining us for the first time can we ask you message us so we know you are coming before turning up, so we can ensure we have room as this will allow us to better manage the pegging. You will be asked to produce your Club book at first appearance, so please have it with you.
Next week, we will fish the South Lagoon meet for 8-30 draw at the lake £1 Wednesday peg fee, £5-00 optional pools.
Water End Fishery - Wednesday Match