Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 30th October 2022

Here is all of this week's news, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in your pictures and catch reports you can what's app them to 07940 229071 or send in to us via the club website or our social media pages.

Beckerings Reservoir
Youngster Harley Lynch (aka Little Man) caught his first Pike from Beckerings at the weekend & so did his older brother Kenzie, They sent in some fantastic pictures from their session and it looks like they had a lot of fun.
Harley Lynch - First Pike from Beckerings
Harley Lynch - Rather pleased at catching a new species
Harley Lynch - Lure Fishing at Beckerings
Harley and Kenzie - Beckerings Bream
Harley Lynch - Beckerings Bream
Kenzie with his Beckerings Pike
Kenzie with his successful lure.
It was tough going for Paul Parkinson on a 48 hour Beckerings session last weekend and he only managed to get one common weighing in at 26lb 10oz and he said it put up a good fight all the way to the net. His son Kyle had a mirror and then a bit later caught a good sized Bream he also had a Perch while lure fishing.
Paul Parkinson - 26lb 10oz Common
Kyle Thompson Parkinson - Beckerings Mirror Carp
Kyle Thompson-Parkinson - Beckerings Perch
Kyle Thompson-Parkinson - Beckerings Bream
Also fishing at the weekend Max Beresford had an 18lb 10oz Common.
Max Beresford - Beckerings Perch
Neil Cox fished the reservoir for a few hours and after seeing fish showing, he moved to a different spot and had a pristine 20lb 14oz Common on a madbaits pop up. He also lost another good common at the net.
Neil Cox - 20lb 14oz Common
Brett Collins had a couple of carp the biggest being 24lb 8oz
Brett Collins - 24lb 8oz Mirror
Brett Collins - Mirror Carp
Beckerings Stocking
On Wednesday 26th October 2022 30 C3 Mirror Carp were stocked in to Beckerings Reservoir As part of the Club's annual stocking program. These fish were supplied by the fantastic Priory Fishery Ltd as we've been really happy with the quality and growth of previous fish supplied by them. Each fish was weighed and each side photographed for future identification before being introduced to the reservoir these photos can be seen on our facebook page and in the Events/Work Parties section of the Photo Galleries on the club website. If you do catch any of these fish let us know as we like to monitor their progress and growth.
One of the Beckerings 30 - Stocked on 26/10/22
Another of the Beckerings 30 - Stocked on 26/10/22
River Ouse - Eaton Ford and Wyboston
Due to the recent rain River fishing regular Nobby Clarke was keen to get out now the rivers have some flow and he's been out a few times this week the fishing was quite good at Eaton Ford on Tuesday and he caught well until the sun came out. In total he had 18 fish most were roach the best being about 10oz, One bream not big but around the 2lb mark. He had 1 small chub after losing a bigger one earlier on. All fish were caught on hemp and a few on Tares using stick and pin. The river had fantastic flow which is something he has not experienced in a while. All in all he had a very enjoyable and peaceful day as he was the only angler on the venue.

Nobby Clarke - Eaton Ford Roach
Nobby Clarke - Eaton Ford Roach
Nobby Clarke - Eaton Ford
He was back out at Eaton Ford on Thursday and Started at first light and fished until 11am and it fished very poor with lots of weed, leaves and muck coming down , all he could catch was about  20 bits which were mainly small roach. When the rain stopped he decided to change venues not something he is fond of doing but just felt Eaton Ford wasn’t going to fish. He took a gamble on Wyboston knowing that it could of had the same problem with weed coming down. After arriving at 11.45 he was pleased to see no weed islands to contend with but there was a strong wind that made things awkward. He peresevered and again caught tiny Roach, but at 2.45 he lost a good fish through a hook pull. He did have one decent roach later on. His comments were that it was a tough old day but very enjoyable all the same.
Nobby Clarke - Wyboston Roach
Fishing the Ford again on Saturday he had another good day, It started quite slow with one or two roach followed by a bream of 3lb 13oz on corn. He had some decent roach to 14oz mostly on hemp and one small chub of about 12oz He then had the 2 fish that made the day, two very nice Great Ouse Bream weighing 7lb 5oz and 8lb 11oz also both caught on corn. He said "The river bream do hang on a bit that’s for sure, neither gave up all the way to the net and I thought at first both were chub and provided great sport on roach gear 17 acolyte ,stick and pin 3.2lb main line and a 1lb 5oz hook length and a fine wire size 14 hook"
Nobby Clarke - Eaton Ford Bream 7lb 5oz & 8lb 11oz
Nobby Clarke - Eaton Ford
Luton Match results Wednesday 26/10/22.
Today 13 anglers met in the Globe car park with the kind permission of Manager Julie. The morning started warm and then a couple of light showers to start the match.

A typical autumn day with leaves on the water making it hard to present a bait and then the wind picked up making it harder still. The water temperature was 13.5c but good weights were achieved with

Steve Lathwell had 14lb 5oz of bream and skimmers fishing with chopped worm. Colin Macbeth had 10lb 9oz of bream and bits and Chris Bartlett Howard had 9lb 9oz of roach on bread punch.
All 13 anglers caught and enjoyed the day and a couple of pints in the Globe afterwards.
Thanks again to Julie and the staff at the Globe for making the group welcome.
Next week we are at the 3 Locks North and all are welcome, £1 peg fee and £5 optional pools.
1st Steve Lathwell 14lb 5 oz
2nd Colin Macbeth 10lb 9oz
3rd. Chris B Howard 9lb 9 oz
4th Barry Roper. 7lb 4oz
5th Bart Bonito. 6lb 14oz
6th. Dudley Frankland 3lb 5oz
7th Sean Leatherland 2lb 1oz
8th Ray Burton. 1lb 15oz
9th Tony Hickmott 1lb 1oz
10th Malcolm Ogden. 9oz
11th Les Burton. 4oz
Richard Darbon and Andy Norgate DNW

That's all we have for you this week, Keep your reports coming in they are always appreciated.

Tight Lines Until Next Week! Dave M Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 23rd October 2022

Here is all of this week's news, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in your pictures and catch reports you can what's app them to 07940 229071 or send in to us via the club website or our social media pages.

A stormy and wet end to this week means that we have fewer reports from our members, during the autumn and winter months our catch reports do tend to be fewer and further between. If you do get out fishing do send in your catch reports as they are always gratefully received.

Beckerings Reservoir
Darren Savage caught a fin perfect Common Carp during his session earlier in the week the reported weight was 25lb.
Darren Savage - 25lb Common from Beckerings
Please be aware that Beckerings Reservoir will be closed on a few dates throughout November, December and January for farm activities to take place around the reservoir. It is necessary for us to close the venue for safety reasons. We will place signage locally on the gates when the venue is closed but please check the events calendar on the club website and check the pinned posts on our facebook page to avoid a wasted journey. 

River Ouse - Lavendon Mill
Perseverance paid off for Dexter Allen as he hooked and lost a few small pike whilst light jigging on the upstream section of Lavendon Mill.
Fishing with his dad Edward he could see the fish in the clear water nearing the bank each time but unfortunately each one was either very briefly hooked or had grabbed just the tail of the lure.
This nice perch however totally nailed the jig and was in the net with a cheer from them both!
Edward managed a nice rudd and some roach on caster but the bleak were a nightmare to get through.
Dexter Allen with a nice perch caught on a jig at Lavendon Mill Upstream
River Ouse - Eaton Ford
We are pleased to announce that Eaton Ford is now open and members can now safely access the venue following the removal of the unsafe tree that was leaning dangerously over the track. Our thanks to the bailiff team for overseeing the removal of the tree by our contractors.

GUC Junior Championship Sunday 16th October
Last Sunday (16th October) Luton AC hosted the GUC Junior Championships at Three Locks (section 4) between Three Locks and Chelmscote bridge.
This was fished by 19 Cadet and Junior Anglers, both boys and girls some of those competing travelled from as far as Lincolnshire, although many were more local, with competitors from Luton, Wellingborough, St Neots and Northampton. Many of the local Club coaches from Luton, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough were there to support the competitors and ensure the event ran smoothly.
The weather was perfect, starting with a temperature of 10C and rising to 14C during the day, with minimal wind to bother the anglers, and the canal holding good colour. Boat traffic was minimal.
Cadet anglers 7-10 years fished for 3 hours and Junior anglers 11 to 15 years fished for 4 hours. The draw for pegs was at 9, and fishing started at 10-30. The anglers are limited to fishing at 3 Mtrs for the first 90 minutes and can then go longer, with a maximum pole length of 11 Mtrs.
The match was a resounding success with everyone catching and good weights recorded. Most nets consisting of the usual canal fish, perch, bream roach and some Gudgeon. There were some larger perch and bream taken, competitors using a variety of baits, bread punch, pinkies and maggot and worm being the most used with a little groundbait and squatt
All of our young Luton anglers did really well several being highly placed in the results. The cadet match was won by Charlie Hutchinson with 1Kilo 900grm and the Junior match by Alex Bourne with 4Kilo 550grm including a number of decent bream
We had Ranvir Singh of ITV Good Morning Britain and Strictly come Dancing fame to present the trophies and prizes provided by CRT to the Cadets.
1 Charlie Hutchinson-1kg 900grams
2 Keider Sprules-1kg 650grams
3 Jacob Bath-940grams
4 Dylan Carr-700grams
5 Oliver Mylett-460grams
6 Elliot Mylett-360grams
7 Malaki Coowar-280grams
8 Tushaan Singh-200grams
1st Alex Bourne - 4kg 550grams
2 Blake Mannas - 2kg 60grams
3 James Oakes-1kg 380grams
4 Ethan Fountaine-1kg 250grams
5 Cody Partridge-1kg 70grams
6 Alex Lamont-1kg 60grams
7 Lottie Clarke-670grams
8 Daniel Carr-650grams
9 TJ Stevenson-450grams
10 Zachary Wilmot-250grams
Many thanks to all those who assisted in making this event such a success.
We also had some great feedback from the parents, one of the messages is reproduced below, sent 10-30 Sunday night!
"Thank you very much for putting on today, what a lovely stretch of water, and friendly people, nice to meet you Dennis, thanks for the info. Charlie only just dropped to sleep, been so excited"
GUC Junior Championship
GUC Junior Championship
GUC Junior Championship
GUC Junior Championship
GUC Junior Championship
GUC Junior Championship
Match Report, Wednesday 19th October Biddenham
On a cold and slightly misty autumn morning ten anglers gathered at Biddenham to fish this week. Our attendance was slightly reduced due to several of the regulars having prior appointments and other commitments, but all hope to be back next week!
The autumn colours in the trees along the river were quite stunning, setting the scene on what turned out to be a bright but cloudy day with a strong chilly breeze at times. The river was low and still very clear with little flow due to lack of rain.
Numbers of methods and baits were tried, the most successful this week being pole or long whip fishing maggot. Fishing was tricky in the clear water, but most bites when they came were positive affairs.
Our winner this week was Colin McBeth, who took an nice bag of roach and dace with a few perch using a pole at 12 Mtrs weighing 5lb 15oz. Brian Shaw took second place, after struggling for bits most of the day Brian decided to swap onto the inside line and found some perch landing two crackers for a total of 5lb 11oz. Dennis Hunt started on the inside trying punch to no avail, so switched to a long whip at 9Mtrs fishing maggot over a sticky groundbait to take a bag of nice quality roach, a big dace and some small perch for 3lb 7oz. Steve Lathwell finished fourth this week taking a bag of fish on maggot using a pole and maggot at 11 Mtrs for 3lb 4oz
1st Colin McBeth 5lb 15oz
2nd Brian Shaw 5lb 11oz
3rd Dennis Hunt 3lb 7oz
4th Steve Lathwell 3lb 4oz
5th Andy Norgate 1lb 15oz 8drm
6th Ray Burton 1lb 15oz
7th John Barton 1lb 10oz
8th Les Burton 1lb 5oz
9th Tony Hickmott 0lb 11oz
10th Malcolm Ogden 9oz
Many thanks to Tony for the usual Werthers sweets before the off and to all those who assisted with both the draw and weigh in this week.
Next week we will fish at Beckerings, so it is members only again. Meet for 8-30 draw in the car park, £5.00 optional pools, and £1.00 Luton peg fee.
Brian Shaw - Wednesday Match at Biddenham
Steve Lathwell - Wednesday Match at Biddenham
Dennis Hunt - Wednesday Match at Biddenham
Colin Macbeth - Wednesday Match at Bidddenham
Biddenham looking very Autumnal

Thats all we have for this week,

Tight Lines

Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 16th October 2022

Here is all of this week's news, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in your pictures and catch reports you can what's app them to 07940 229071 or send in via the club website or our social media pages.

Beckerings Reservoir
Neil Cox had a common of 19lb 1oz using double tigers on a blow back rig critically balanced over mad baits wicked white pellets and boilies soaked in glug.
Neil Cox with a 19lb 1oz Common from Beckerings
Youngster Harley Lynch had 6 hours to fish after his football game yesterday and fished the reservoir with dad Dan and he managed to catch a nice 20lbs 6oz Common giving him a new PB and his first ever carp out of Beckerings.
Harley Lynch - 20lb 6oz Beckerings Common
Lavendon Mill River Ouse - Upstream
Bob Burdiak had another good day on Wednesday fishing the upstream section at Lavendon Mill. He chose his spot just above the bend. He resisted taking a float rod and took a feeder instead. Using double caster or worm head with small cage feeder he took a bag of quality Autumn roach to 12ozs. The river had next to no flow but had a bit of colour, the river levels are fairly normal upstream in spite of the dry weather. (He was fishing in around 12ft of water)

Eaton Ford River Ouse
We have had to temporarily close Eaton Ford for safety reasons as a very large rotten willow tree is leaning precariously and is in danger of falling across the access track. Please do not attempt to access the venue until we have sorted it.

We have arranged for specialists to deal with it during this week and will re-open the venue once it has been made safe so keep an eye on the website and facebook pages as we will post updates once it has been safely removed.
The unsafe tree at Eaton Ford
Match Report, Wednesday 12th October Twin Lakes Bidddenham
On the coldest morning of the autumn so far, with heavy overcast and light rain in the air 15 gathered to fish an away venue Sam’s at Twin Lakes on Wednesday this week.
The sun did show early on, but the overcast and drizzle soon returned for the rest of the day, with a brisk chilly wind from mid-morning.
The water levels in the lakes are low now due to lack of rain with the marginal shelves exposed and the water is considerably cooler than a few weeks ago, with the easy fishing of summer fast fading into memory.
The anglers used pole, waggler and feeder tactics most fish being caught on the bottom at between 6 and 10 Metres. Fishery pellets and maggot were the baits used by most anglers, and with the water cooling the carp were initially very slow to feed.
With the Carp not showing those fishing targeted the lake silver fish population, many taking good bags made up of chub, barbel and tench with the odd bream, although skill was needed as many bites were subtle affairs with floats barely moving at times.
The carp did feed more actively later and good fish were landed and lost throughout the afternoon.
1st Dave Britton 55lb 2oz
2nd Sean Leatherland 40lb 13oz
3rd Richard Gibbs 40lb 8oz
4th Myles Tommey 33lb 2oz
5th Colin McBeth 30lb 4oz
6th Dennis Hunt 28lbs 6oz
7th Andy Norgate 21lb 14oz
8th Brian Shaw 13lb 13oz
9th Richard Darbon 12lb 1oz
10th Ray Burton 7lb 14oz
11th Roger Baker 6lb 13oz
12th (Joint) Paul Roberts & Terry Vickers 6lb 6oz
14th Les Burton 5lb 11oz
15th Tony Hickmott 4lb 13oz
Many thanks to Tony for the usual Werthers sweets and to all those who assisted with both the draw and weigh in this week.
Next week we will fish the river at Biddenham, so its members only. Meet for 8-30 draw in the car park, £5.00 optional pools, and £1.00 Luton peg fee.

A visit to the River Test at Timsbury

On Monday 10th October a party of 20 anglers made up of Luton Wednesday group anglers and some friends made the Trip to the famous river Test at Timsbury to fish for The Lady of the Stream-The Grayling along with other Coarse Fish.
Some opted to drive there and back in the day, while others stayed nearer to the venue on Sunday night.
They awoke to heavy rain on Monday morning, which fortunately cleared as they arrived at the fishery and it became a warm, bright, and sunny autumn day.
The river was very low and running crystal clear as you would expect of this famous chalk stream, with fish visible as dark shapes in the water. The surrounding countryside was absolutely stunning.

Some anglers chose to use a static approach, but others chose to rove along the beats using long trotting methods with big floats and centrepin or fixed spool reels. Baits used were generally maggot and sweetcorn.
They met back at the fishery office for lunch and a chat before returning to fish the river in the afternoon.
Everyone who went thoroughly enjoyed the trip and most had a few grayling, and everyone catching a least one large ‘Out of Season’ trout which had to be returned unharmed, and the fishery rules say they must not be photographed so no pictures of these, but they were stunning fish.
The fishery website for anyone interested is
The Grayling - The Lady of the Stream
Mark Brooks with a Grayling
The River Test at Timsbiry
The Timsbury Anglers enjoying lunch

That is all we have for this week!. Please do keep your reports coming in.

Tight Lines.
Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 9th October 2022

Here is this week's news and catch reports round up from Luton Angling Club. If you'd like to send us in reports and pictures you can do this via our social media pages, website or send straight from your phone using WhatsApp to 07940 229071.

Eaton Ford River Ouse
Mark Zan fished a 24hr session on the River at Eaton Ford and had a nice chub that weighed 4lb 8oz and a Pike at 5lb 9oz.

Mark Zan - Eaton Ford Chub 4lb 8oz
Mark Zan - Eaton Ford Chub 4lb 8oz
Mark Zan - Eaton Ford Chub 4lb 8oz
Grand Union Canal 
A visiting angler from Scotland had a good result on Monday with over 16lb of fish from the canal near Church lock fishing squatts and pinkies on a 4 metre pole to hand.
A 16lb plus bag of fish from the Grand Union Canal

Beckerings Reservoir 
Regular contributor to the reports, Paul Parkinson fished a 48 hour session last weekend and what a session he had with 5 carp, one pike and two bream, the biggest carp was a lovely 26lb 10oz mirror and a nice pike on a lure at 15lb 9oz.
Paul Parkinson 15lb 7oz Mirror
Paul Parkinson 15lb 9oz Pike
Paul Parkinson 18lb 10oz Mirror

Paul Parkinson 19lb 7oz Common
Paul Parkinson 26lb 10oz Mirror
Paul Parkinson Beckerings Bream
Paul Parkinson Beckerings Bream
His son Kyle had carp and bream on OG fish Wafters. The carp weighed 21lb 4oz and the bream was 9lb 12oz  he also had a perch on a lure.
Kyle Thompson-Parkinson Beckerings Common
Kyle Thompson-Parkinson Beckerings Perch
Kyle Thompson-Parkinson Beckerings Bream
Craig Mahoney had 6 fish on Tuesday night, including a new PB at 26lb 8oz (the mirror) also 2 commons around the 17/18lb mark and 2 smaller ones he didn’t weigh.
Craig Mahoney 26lb 8oz New PB Mirror
Craig Mahoney 26lb 8oz New PB Mirror
Craig Mahoney Beckerings Common
Craig Mahoney Beckerings Common
Craig Mahoney Beckerings Common

Liam Murphy had 4 Carp during his 24hr session Saturday and the biggest was 25lb. He also stayed around and helped us with the work party.
Liam Murphy Beckerings Mirror
Liam Murphy Beckerings Common
Liam Murphy Beckerings Common
Liam Murphy Beckerings Common
This weekend we held a work party to Pollard the willows around the reservoir to limit their size, something we have to do every year to satisfy the reservoir inspectors. We had a decent turnout and great to see a few new faces.

It was very strenuous work and everyone who attended worked extremely hard, cutting and transporting the large branches to the fire where they were burnt.

The club is extremely grateful to the bailiffs, members and work party volunteers that assisted us today, we couldn't have done it without them.
Beckerings Work Party
Beckerings Work Party
Match Report, Wednesday 5th October GUC Town South 
The dawn had just broken this week when 18 anglers met in good humour on the towpath at  the bottom of the white bridge on Town South, all looking forward to the days fishing. The canal was holding good colour, but the midday water temperature struggled to make 10C, indicating a significant drop in temperature recently, due perhaps to cooler nights and the influx of cold rainwater last week. 

The day started with conditions reasonably benign, and the sun even came out for the first couple of hours, but then the wind got up, with branches and leaves being stripped from the off bank trees, making the fishing extremely challenging for those trying to use a long pole, and occasional heavy rain showers moved through.

The inside lines were fished earlier on producing some good fish to punch and pinkie, and many anglers chose to concentrate on the short and track lines rather than try and fish longer in the strong winds. 

Several anglers lost decent fish while they were being played due to the windy conditions. Sean Leatherland had a lovely canal roach of over a pound this week, and Dave Abbott unfortunately lost a big Perch to a large Pike which grabbed the fish sideways on as it was being played.

First place this week went to Bart Bonito with a good mixed bag of 10lb 8oz, with Dave Whillock one of the the Abbey Lads who travelled to fish with us this week a very close second with 10lb 4oz his fish being taken on punch. Third place was taken by Charlie Robinson with 9lb 14oz.

Mid table positions this week were extremely close with oz between the places.

All who came enjoyed the day out despite the challenging conditions.

Many thanks are due to Steve Lathwell for pegging out and to Ray Burton running the weigh in at the end of the match.

1st Bart Bonito 10lb 8oz
2nd Dave Whillock (Abbey Lads) 10lb 4oz
3rd Charlie Robinson 9lb 14oz
4th Steve Lathwell 7lb 10oz
5th Dave Abbott 4lb 
6th Colin McBeth 3lb 15oz 8drm
7th Tim Watts 3lb 14oz
8th Dennis Hunt 3lb 8oz 
9th Dave Smith (Abbey Lads) 3lb 7oz 8drm
10th Sean Leatherland 3lb 4oz 8drm
11th Dave Ridley 2lb 4oz
12th Chris Howard 1lb 8oz
13th (Joint) Keith Ward (Abbey Lads) & Terry Vickers 1lb 2oz
15th  Les Burton 1lb 0oz
16th Malcolm Ogden 6oz
Ray Burton DNW

This week we will fish the Twin Lakes fishery at Biddenham, so members only and booking essential as we have limited pegs. Meet for 8-30 draw in the car park, fishery tickets with £5.00 optional pools, and £1.00 Luton peg fee.

Wednesday Match 
Wednesday Match
Wednesday Match 
Wednesday Match 
Wednesday Match 
Wednesday Match 
Wednesday Match 
Wednesday Match 
John Morris Memorial Match Report
Sunday 2nd October.
As dawn broke over Biddenham on Sunday 2nd October 16 anglers from Luton, Abbey Lads, and Queens Arms Sandy gathered expectantly in the car park at Biddenham on what was to become a perfect autumn day. The morning was mild at 10C and the trees are just turning into the reds, greens and golds of autumn. 

The river had a slow steady flow and some colour due to the heavy rain (16mm) on Friday. There was little wind, but occasional gusts made the fishing difficult for some later.

Fishing turned out to be challenging, methods being tried included tip, pole, whip and waggler. The fishing seemed to have been adversely affected by the cold rain on Friday night, which caused the river temperature to plummet, and the fish caught were noticeably colder than the week before. The fish definitely weren’t as prolific as the week before when 10lb+ weights had been recorded by anglers practicing from the same swims, but all present managed to catch. 

The largest fish landed on the day was a Perch of 1lb 14oz by a Kings Arms angler, and several anglers hooked and lost Pike.

Species landed included Roach, Dace, Chub, Perch, Bleak and Gudgeon. Baits used were bread (punch and flake) the usually reliable worm, hemp, tare, and caster, but none seemed to produce on the day, most fish falling to maggot and pinkie.

The match raised £180.00 to go to John’s nominated charity Groundwork, and all anglers fishing enjoyed the day out.

Special thanks are due to Roger Baker who didn’t fish but gave up his time to Steward the event taking charge of car parking, booking in, and the after match weigh in, allowing everyone else to enjoy themselves. 

Next year the event will be held as usual on the first Sunday in October (1st October 2023)

1st Dave Smith Abbey Lads       
6lb 2oz Peg 5

2nd Liam Willis - Abbey Lads        
5lb 12oz Peg 20

3rd Keith Ward - Abbey Lads
4lb 5oz Peg 18

4th Les Bolland - Kings Arms
3lb 7oz Peg 4

5th Peter Deppe - Abbey Lads   
3lb 4oz Peg 9

6th Phil Hipgrave - King Arms      
2lb 6oz Peg 11

7th Dennis Hunt - Luton
2lb 1oz Peg 14

8th Dennis Vivian - Luton
1lb 15oz Peg 15

9th Dave Whillock - Abbey Lads
1lb 12oz Peg 19

10th Les Burton - Luton
1lb 6oz Peg 6

11th Fergal O’Kane - Luton
1lb 1oz Peg 12

12th Terry Lincoln - Kings Arms
0lb 14oz Peg 10

13th Roy Smith - Kings Arms      
0lb 12oz Peg 13

14th Malcolm Lloyd - Kings Arms
0Lb 10oz Peg 7

15th Derren Lofthouse - Kings Arms
0lb 7oz Peg 8

16th Ray Burton - Luton
0lb 5oz Peg 17
John Morris Memorial Match at Biddenham
John Morris Memorial Match at Biddenham
John Morris Memorial Match at Biddenham
John Morris Memorial Match at Biddenham
John Morris Memorial Match at Biddenham

That's all for this week

Tight Lines,

Dave M 
Luton AC