Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 22nd September 2019


Wojciech had a rare Ouse barbel

Message received from member Andy Chappell
'My father used to take me fishing upstream at Lavendon Mill when I was a lad. Saturday 14th September I went back for the first time in over 35 years. I fish using traditional tackle and methods (split cane rod, centre pin reel, hand made floats etc) I had a wonderful days fishing, full of memories of past visits. I caught my first ever tench weighing a touch over 5lbs and several jack pike along with the usual small perch, bream, roach, chub and bleak. Thank you to the club for maintaining this wonderful stretch of the Great Ouse. I will be returning soon I hope, and maybe catch some of the huge perch I used to with my dad'

Dave Brown a personal best mirror with the Wanderer at 31lb

Dean Brittain a personal best with Pecs at 29lb 8oz plus a 20lb 8oz common both fish being caught off the top

Richard Emmerson 24lb 12oz long dark common

Daniel Keefe a nice dark common

Many thanks to Adam and his team at Beckerings for delivering the wood for the platform rebuild.
It was a massive help as its peg 15 down the far end of the reservoir.

Jamie Squires first time fishing Beckerings Reservoir caught the Half Lin in the early hours this morning at 33lb 6oz witnessed and weight verified by two other members. A new UK pb for Jamie!

Steve Durrington 30lb 8oz mirror

Chris Farmer smashed his pb mirror with this 28lb 6oz specimen

Tom Harris with a 21lb scaley mirror

Paul Gritton had 5 carp

Junior Aston Offer caught a 5-6lb pike

Report received from the Tavern Otters Eastern Enfield A.S. match on the Ouse at Wyboston, on Sunday 15th September:
1. D. FLYNN 12. 0.0
2. J. IONTTON 7. 2.0
3. D. BEECH 3. 9.0
'The winning weight consisted of a bag of Roach, caught on Hemp/Tares. The second weight was also Roach on Hemp/Tares.
We had 13 members attend the match, the total weight was 46. 3.0.
Everyone enjoyed the day and thought it was a good venue and they were all keen to fish it again next season, but maybe slightly later on, as the fishing would have benefited from a bit more flow and especially colour'


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 15th September 2019


A watch has been found around peg 1 on the river at Wyboston (not the one below thats my watch just to get this post noticed!).
If the owner could get in touch we will reunite you with yours.

Nikki Bolton 29lb 2oz pb common

Charle Albone 15lb common on a 6ft zig

Carlo Borromeo two carp to 21lb 12oz

Couple of nice commons for Jack Rose

Mark Brookman a 27lb 8oz common

Dale Carter four carp including a 25lb 15oz pb common

Neil Cox 23lb 13oz pb mirror and commons of 18lb and 16lb 8oz.

Lee Mustafa four carp to 25lb 9oz

Callum Anderson caught some nice ide and perch close in on float fished maggot

North House Lake Bridge Closure
The small bridge on the far side at North House Lake has been closed off as its deteriorated to a dangerous state and is near to collapsing judging by a video we received from the bailiff team.
Please do not bypass the closure at its there for your safety.
Hopefully repairs will happen very quickly. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 8th September 2019


A set of 4 keys on a brown lanyard have been lost at North House Lake. Could anyone finding them let us know please. Thanks

A member fishing North House Lake very recently was caught fishing 3 rods when he hadn't purchased a 3rd rod ticket and to make matters much worse the bailiffs took photos of him from his swim while he was around the other side of he lake!! How leaving your rods unattended to go and talk to someone around the other side of the lake is remotely acceptable is beyond comprehension.
Thankfully the Luton AC Disciplinary Committee have informed us that they have served him with a 2 month ban for the 3 rods and a 6 month ban for leaving the rods unattended, 8 months in total!
We had already banned him from our Facebook page a year ago for inappropriate comments towards another angler.
Hopefully this moron will go and join other clubs as we really don't need or want his sort in our club.

Lee Moore 28lb mirror and 18lb 2oz common during a quick overnighter. Thanks to Steve for taking the photos.

Jamie Squires 4 to 24lb 4oz 

Daniel Keefe had a 6am wake up call from his first ever North House Lake carp.

Jack Rose caught a couple of nice commons

Tom Hazell 23lb 6oz common 

Gavin Jones a stunning scaley mirror of 22lb 8oz.

Sam Briars a lovely mid double common.

Rob Griffiths had a good weekend at Kempston Lake with fish to 25lb 5oz

Nice message received from Stacey Collins
'Been on South Lagoon for the first time not long been fishing so still getting used to it and caught some nice bream, love the lake just thought I'd say thank you x'

Dean Brittain a nice South Lagoon tench on method feeder and a bunch of red maggots

Wojciech had a couple of pike from the Wyboston Ouse during a quick 2hr session.

Simon Charles caught a heavily scaled mirror from the Grand Union Canal which went just over 13lb. This is almost certainly one of the 3000 stockies the club introduced into the canal as very many were heavily scaled stunners like this one.


Enfield Highway fished Beckerings Reservoir 
1st J Fisher 48lb 9oz bream up to 8lb 2oz
2nd W Fisher 44lb 12oz bream
3rd T Mann 16lb

Abbey Lads fished South Lagoon with Saturday nights drop in temperature keeping the weights on the low side although there were plenty of bites to be had
1st D Smith 9-10
2nd L Willis 5-10
3rd K Ward 4-8
4th D Whillock 4-2

Toddington Fishing Club visited the GUC at Slapton here is their report -
Really nice day at Slapton we had sun all day but the wind was a bit gusty! Top weight was Dave Britton from beyond the power lines 9 bream for 27 lbs second next peg Kath Carberry 18lbs slightly smaller bream. Third Steve Lathwell from just before the power lines 4lbs. No Blanks.

Tim Grover has won the £25 August photo competition. Well done to Tim who is a regular contributor to this page. The judges especially liked his father and son catch photo taken along the Grand Union Canal.

Theres still plenty of time to enter the £25 September photo competition which is open to all current Luton AC members. It must only be a catch photo from September 2019 and will be judged by the Luton AC Board. All catch photos by members sent to us are automatically entered. The prize goes to the captor and not the person who took the photo. Closing date for September entries is 1st October 2019. Good luck