Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 29th July 2018


Due to the ongoing hot weather, low water levels and reduced disolved oxygen levels the Board decided at last nights meeting in the interest of fish welfare to impose an immediate ban on the use of keepnets on all of our waters until 30th September 2018.
The only exception will be in the limited number of matches already booked and we will be talking to the organisers of those

Young Callum caught an impressive 4lb 12oz tench. Despite the talk that the catfish have eaten all of the tench in Beckerings this season the tench fishing there is proving that urban myth to be utter nonsense!

Morgan Bacon tempted the Wanderer down in weight at 26lb 12oz. 

Also down in weight was the Shadow Common caught by Mark Trigg at 31lb 6oz. 

Mariusz Pustelnik managed a 21lb common 

and Adrian Jaworski a good sized common.

The Lagoon is never an easy water so the 26lb common caught by Jon Angell is an excellent fish

Adrian Jaworski had 2 small pike and Mariusz Pustelnik 1 small pike.


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 22nd July 2018

Good catches just keep on coming despite the very hot conditions.

Firstly though a mention about rule breaking 
The Kempston Lake bailiffs have reported that they have had over 10 anglers in 2 weeks with no photo ID in their books. Your books ARE NOT valid without a photo ID. They are now sending anglers home and if caught again will be banned from the venue (Kempston Lake) and reported to the club which may result in a further club ban on all waters. A reminder also to members to read the Kempston Lake rules there are no guests allowed this includes anyone, wives, children, friends etc unless they are also members. Thanks from the Kempston Bailiffs.
If you cannot abide by the rules of Luton Angling Club on any of our waters please join another club as we do not need or want you as members.

Nathan Gardner managed carp, tench and bream during his mid week session at Kempston Lake, 

Ben Edmonds a dark common 

and Stuart Harvey a PB mirror of 25lb+ and another mirror of 20lb 2oz

Tommy Pattison tempted a nice common Saturday afternoon

Braidan Tidmarsh landed a 22lb common a 17lb mirror and one of last years stockies at 6lb+ 

Carlo Borromeo had a small common

Wojciech caught a nice perch measuring 37cm and weighing 1.76lb

Filip Dunaj fished overnight to tempt a nice barbel along with several chub.

Only 7 made it to Fridays evening coaching session which was due in no small part to CRT Marketing failing to promote this event in advance! Sometimes sadly all the dots don't join together!
Two of the children were off a live on boat that travels our sections, really nice people who said they had tried fishing and didn’t want a go, changed their minds and joined in, and Anna was a complete natural, caught loads of fish and really enjoyed it, so much so she made them go to Marsworth the net day so she could have another go and claim their free CRT whips! One young lad caught a 2lb bream as his first ever fish!
So while the turnout may have been low the event itself was really good, the coaching team were able to concentrate on quality rather than quantity, and Dave Farmer who came to help, Mark, Richard Gibbs and Dennis Hunt really enjoyed it. They even got back to the cars before the downpour.

Due to the hot weather we can expect to see some fish fatalities as oxygen levels drop. We are already aware of a dozen or so skimmers and roach in the South Lagoon and a 13lb common in North House Lake turning up dead. Please let the club know if you witness any dead fish or those in distress, thank you.


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 15th July 2018

Another good week for catches despite the high temperatures

Paul & Braidan Tidmarsh had a great session catching 14 carp to 23lb with 2 lost and 3 tench. 

Adrian Jaworski managed 4 to 21lb 

and Robert Barry hall a couple of lovely dark fish. 

Slawek caught an eel over 2lb on lobworm just 5 minutes after casting out. The eels in both North House and the adjacent South Lagoon go over 6lb but there are very many much smaller to avoid to get to the larger ones

Good catches are being made mostly mornings and evenings around the Grove Church and Slapton areas. Filip Dunaj managed a double figure common stocked last year from Earlswood Reservoir 

and Garath Evans a mirror that tipped the scales at 19lb 6oz.

Tom Gooderson had the perch feeding and managed a nice haul of decent sized fish.

The better catches appear to be coming to surface baits and zigs but remember to take many kilos of dog biscuits to feed off the resident ducks! Top catch this week was 24 carp to 23lb off the top and another reporting 15 fish to over 20lb on the same tactics.

We have received a letter this week from Leighton Linslade Town Council about the upcoming canal festival 

'I am writing to inform Luton Angling Club that the Town Council will be holding its

annual canal festival on Saturday 28 July from 11.00am until 5.00pm

at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Linslade.  

Preparations for the event start several days in advance but as of Friday 28 July activity will intensify with set up of stalls, marquees, etc. Stewards will be on site from 7.00am on the Saturday morning to prepare for the day’s festivities and the area is expected to be cleared away by 7.00pm.I would be grateful if you could pass on this information to your members who fish regularly around Tiddenfoot and hope that preparations for the event and the day itself do not cause too much disruption'.

Obviously boat traffic will be very heavy in the run up and immediately after the event with some taking several weeks to leave our 12 mile controlled stretch.