Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 18th December 2022

With the snow and ice this week we have received very few reports with most anglers staying at home in the warm.

Beckerings, North House and South Lagoon along with the canal have been mostly frozen over all week with only very small areas fishable if any at all. A member said that even the margins on the river at Biddenham were frozen late in the week. Hopefully with milder weather being forecast things will be back to normal soon.

Beckerings Reservoir
Water levels are slowly on the way up at Beckerings.

Wyboston River Ouse
The venue bailiffs report a few anglers braved the sub zero conditions and were catching plenty of silvers. The river at Wyboston holds specimen sized Chub, Perch and Pike and some quality roach so well worth a visit while our other waters are frozen.

South Lagoon
Dean Brittain spent 2 different days Piking on the lagoon recently in his quest for a 20lber.  He had a Pike of 13lb 1oz on his first visit and then on his second visit with the majority of the lake frozen over and snow on the ground he took advantage of the small area of the lake by the river inlet that was not frozen and had another smaller Pike. His quest for a 20 continues.
Dean Brittain with a South Lagoon Pike
Dean Brittain with a South Lagoon Pike
Dean Brittain with a South Lagoon Pike
Dean Brittain with a South Lagoon Pike
Dean Brittain with a South Lagoon Pike

Wednesday Match Group
The Wednesday match was cancelled this week due to snow, a frozen solid canal and extremely cold conditions they had planned to visit Biddenham instead to do some more swim maintenance but this plan was also abandoned because it would have been dangerous to work with lying snow and Ice on the ground.
This week is the groups last match of the year which is their Christmas match, which is members only and is fully booked. Then the group have their January break, resuming the Wednesday outings in February.
Frozen Canal - Grove Marina

Frozen Canal Leighton Buzzard

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 11th December 2022

With the colder weather setting in reports have are slowing down. Still plenty of good sport to be had on our River sections. If you do get out fishing then please let us know how you get on.

Beckerings Reservoir
Craig Mahoney caught a 19lb 10oz Mirror on a recent Beckerings session.
Craig Mahoney - 19lb 10oz
Craig Mahoney - 19lb 10oz
Abbey Lads Match Reports
3 of the Abbey Lads fished 3 locks on Sunday 4th December on the section above the locks, and the weights were as follows.
Dave Whillock 8-3-0
Keith Ward 6-1-0
Dave Smith 3-12-0

Match Report, Wednesday 7th December 2022 Biddenham
The first hard white frost of December was on the ground, with the air temperature hovering around 2C as the 10 anglers who fished today met in the car park at Biddenham this morning.
As we made our way to our swims, we noticed numbers of small birds in the bushes, several of the robins staying near the anglers all day. Those that did were rewarded with bread and maggots from the angler's which the birds really enjoyed in the colder weather
The river had dropped back to normal levels after the recent heavy rain, and had gentle flow, but is sadly lacking colour, currently running very clear.
With the recent sudden change in temperatures, we expected the fishing to be challenging, and we all found the fishing hard going this week, several anglers recording DNW.
Most struggled for bites, and the bigger fish failed to show. However, our winner Barry Roper, who has recently returned from holiday used his Cadence whip to good effect. He managed a bag of small fish using bread and pinkies as his bait for 1lb 10oz. Richard Darbon caught a Chub of about 9 inches long within a minute of starting, which unfortunately wriggled free as it was being unhooked and fell back in the water, but still took second with 1lb 8oz. Third was Andy Norgate, who landed two small Chub for 15oz.
Despite the weights being disappointingly low this week, we enjoyed our day by the river and the frost was forming on the cars again as we returned to the car park.
Well done Barry Roper, Richard Darbon and Andy Norgate.
1st Barry Roper 1lb 10oz
2nd Richard Darbon 1lb 8oz
3rd Andy Norgate 0lb 15oz
4th Dennis Hunt 0lb 13oz
5th Steve Lathwell 0lb 8oz
Richard Gibbs, Roger Baker, Terry Vickers, Les Burton & Malcolm Ogden DNW
Next week, we will fish the GUC at Three Locks sections 3, meet in the car park for 8-30 draw fish 10 till 3, £5.00 optional pools, and £1.00 Luton peg fee
Chub caught in the Wednesday Match
Wednesday Match
Friday Club Biddenham 9th December 2022.
The inaugural outing of the Friday Club was to Biddenham, and 4 Club members gathered in the car park for a 9am start to do a few hours work, on a dry but cold day with a hard frost on the ground.
This week, our task was to open swim 16, and to do some trimming in swim 17 if time was available. Swim 16 was very restricted due to a large amount of brush and elder directly behind the swim, and 17 was overgrown on the left side. Doing this sort of work at this time of year when there are no leaves on the trees and bushes is easier as branches can be seen and there is no risk of disturbing nesting birds.
We set to work cutting our way in and clearing the brush, stacking it so we could burn it and leave the swim tidy when we finished. After cutting the undergrowth from swim 16 and getting our fire going, we set about clearing some vegetation from the left side of swim 17, leaving this in a better state.
All the guys enjoyed the banter and exercise and we certainly kept warm on a cold day. It was a shame we forgot the potatoes; they would have baked very well in the embers of our fire!
Thanks to Dennis Hunt, Richard Gibbs, Barry Stevenson, and Rob Duncombe for doing the work.
We hope to go and do some more work at Biddenham in the New Year on Friday 13th Jan if the weather is suitable, when we will try to give a final tidy to 16 and 17 and trim undergrowth impinging on swims 15, 19 and 20.
If anyone who has not done so wants to join us, please contact the Club and let us know, we have plenty of jobs of all sorts for all abilities!
Friday Club Work Party
Friday Club Work Party
Friday Club Work Party
Friday Club Work Party
Friday Club Work Party
Friday Club Work Party
Friday Club Work Party
7 of the work party volunteers met up at North House Lake today on a cold and frosty but beautiful morning. The lake had a layer of Ice thick enough for the ducks to walk on in some areas. The aim was to remove all the old chain link fencing and plastic matting from just inside the gate and have a general tidy up around the lake. We easily filled the 16-yard skip whilst being supervised at all times by a friendly Robin who followed us around. Thanks to Brian Turner, David Murdoch, Bob Burdiak, Dennis Vivian, Fergal O'Kane, David Nicholson, and Neville Hunt for attending to help.
Frozen - North House Lake
clearing up the old chainlink fence
clearing up the old chainlink fence
Friendly Robin
The skip all full up.

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 4th December 2022

Here is all of this week's news, information and catch reports from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in your pictures and catch reports you can what's app them to 07940 229071 or send in to us via the club website or our social media pages.

South Lagoon - Wyboston 
Janusz Kansik has had some decent Pike during his 3 recent sessions on South Lagoon  All three Pike pictured here were over 100cm.  The biggest was 115cm weighing 25.1lb. hey put up a great fight and were very strong too. All were caught on deadbaits. The photo of the 25lb Pike has also won our November Photo Prize competition.
Janusz Kansik Pike from South Lagoon
Janusz Kansik Pike from South Lagoon
Janusz Kansik Pike from South Lagoon
Fishing peg 21 on the South Lagoon Mark Zan had his biggest pike of the year so far weighing 14lb he also had a second fish of around 7lb
Mark Zan 14lb Pike from South Lagoon
Mark Zan 14lb Pike from South Lagoon
North House Lake
Jack had a go for the Pike on North House while waiting for a Carp to come along and managed a few using drifted mackerel the biggest went 7lb 8oz, He's hoping the winter will bring him some bigger ones.
Jack with a North House Pike
Jack with a North House Pike
Jack with a North House Pike
Beckerings Reservoir
It was just Darren Savage and the ducks and the carp earlier in the week Having the lake all to himself he managed this nice looking Common.
Darren Savage with a Beckerings Common
Amer Jawad filmed the first video for his new YouTube Channel "Amers Angle"  at Beckerings a few weeks back. The video "How to catch Deep Water Bream using Feeder Tactics" sees him catching 6 big bream for over 42lb. A really well put together and informative video. We look forward to more content from him soon.

Biddenham - River Ouse
Fergal O'Kane fished the River today (Sunday) and reported catching Roach, Dace and 2 Jack Pike.

Our new Friday Club will meet for the first time this week at Biddenham, Most of our "proper" work parties are held at weekends however the idea is to hold these Friday meet-ups once a month where members who are retired or free on a Friday can turn up for a chat, drink some tea and coffee, exchange ideas and fishing stories and advice, as well as get some light exercise doing few hours light work pruning vegetation and clearing swims to assist our water bailiffs. Any member that wishes to attend is more than welcome - Get in touch and we can add you to the Whats App group where the details of each meet-up will be shared.

Wednesday Match Group Report - 30th November 2022
Grand Union Canal - Town North
The sun was setting as the 15 who fished left the water in Leighton Buzzard after an interesting, but enjoyable days fishing.
After an overcast start the sun showed its face briefly around midday, but there was very little wind, almost dead calm all day, with the temperature hovering around 5c and a new cold weather system coming from the east. It felt warmer than the temperature indicated on the bank, the canal had good colour and was full, but the water was much colder. We only had one boat all day, just before we started at 10am. Conditions were not too bad for the last day of November, many of us have fished on worse days!
The anglers found the fishing tricky, most bites being very finicky affairs some barely registering on the floats. The line at 5 Metres was the one that produced for most, using bead punch feeding liquidised bread, although odd fish were taken over.
Other baits although tried really failed to produce the expected bites. Catches were mostly roach with skimmers and a few bigger bream.
The weights were surprisingly good for and end of November match, well done Chris Bartlett Howard for the win with 11lb 10oz, which included a lovely Canal Roach at 1lb 3oz (weighed separately) from the end peg by Leighton Lock.

Second placed man was Bart Bonito with 8lb 13oz.

Third was Steve Lathwell with 8lb 9oz.
All Results
1st Chris Howard 11lb 10oz (Roach 1lb 3oz)
2nd Bart Bonito 8lb 13oz
3rd Steve Lathwell 8lb 9oz
4th Sean Leatherland 5lb 9oz
5th Dudley Frankland 4lb 7oz
6th Ian Wing 4lb 6oz 8drm
7th Dennis Hunt 4lb 3oz
8th Colin McBeth 3lb 12oz
9th Richard Gibbs 3lb 1oz
10th Dave Abbott 2lb 12oz
11th Richard Darbon 1lb 8oz
12th Ray Burton 1lb 6oz
13th Malcolm Ogden 0lb 8oz
14th Les Burton 0lb 6oz
15th Terry Vickers DNW
Many thanks to and to all those who assisted with both the draw, pegging out and weigh in this week.
Next week we will fish the River at Biddenham, so members only, meet in the car park for 8-30 draw fish 10 till 3, £5.00 optional pools, and £1.00 Luton peg fee.
The Grand Union Canal
Recent Match Results
Here are some recent results from Matches held on Luton AC venues.

Abbey Lads Sunday 20/11/22
Grand Union Canal
A group of the Abbey Lads, one of our Luton affiliated Clubs fished the Canal on Sunday 20th November. They went to went to the mudflats at Chelmscote and reported having a good day. There were only 4 anglers who made the long trip from Kent this time, and the weights were.
Keith Ward 18-0-0 (7 bream + bits)
Liam Willis 7-14-0 (3 Bream + bits)
Dave Smith 3-1-0
Dave Whillock 1-2-0

They hope to get out again on the Canal before joining with the Wednesday group for the Christmas match. We will be pleased to see them, they are all good anglers, and very nice chaps.

Potters Bar - Sunday 27/11/22
Alan Brooks of Potters Bar also contacted us about their results from Biddenham yesterday 27th Nov. They reported the river was very high and coloured with a very heavy flow after all the rain (we have had 150mm since the 1st November) , The winning peg was peg 19 with 5lb made up of 95% bleak, the second place was peg 17 with 1lb 4oz Third was peg 10, 1lb 2oz ,peg 9 1lb and peg 7 4oz. They report worm on feeder was most productive, they say the level was starting to drop as they left yesterday, and the flooded swims were resurfacing.
Their comments were ‘It was a testing day but that's fishing!’

Thats all we have for this week,

Tight Lines

Dave M
Luton AC