Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 27th October 2019


Shane Ferdinando caught what’s rumoured to be ‘The Pretty One’. 

Jack Rose caught two beautiful commons.

During a 24-hour session, Peter Nichols caught two commons at 21lb & 18lb and an 8lb pike.

Graham Hartley managed to catch a superb 28 pounder.

Enfield Town fished the Ouse at Wyboston in challenging conditions of wind and rain. Eight fished between pegs 1 - 12 with the winning weight an all roach catch of 35lb with the largest fish being around the 1lb mark. All the fish came to hemp and tares. A distant second place was a respectable 12lb on leger tactics for 3 good bream and bits. Third and the rest caught around 5lb of mostly roach.

Wojciech caught a nice 17lb+ pike.

Filip Dunaj also caught a nice 13lb 4oz pike.

Brian Turner had 3 pike in a 48 hours session.

Phil Anderson and son Callum fished for a few hours over two days with one day more successful than the other.  They caught roach, skimmers, perch, gudgeon and ruffe all using maggots at 5m.

Browns Angling Derren Burr caught some cracking perch to 3lb 2oz caught during a very wet session on the local GUC this week. Support your local tackle shops as they have a wealth of knowledge that can help you put fish like Derrens on the bank.

Carl Clark caught a stunning common from during a day session.

The new bridge at the back of North House Lake has now been completed, painted white so it’s easier to see at night and wide enough for maintenance equipment to get over.

The coaching at Slapton was again a successful event despite the rain.  Braving the rain, 16 children were brought along by their parents and grandparents, coming from far & wide. One family came from Ruislip Near Harrow.  A grandmother made a weekend of it by staying with her son having come from Wigan, just to see her two grandsons fishing. The two boys didn't disappoint, catching 52 & 40 fish making a total of 92 between them. Something of a record!  All children caught fish in good numbers.  One fish, thought to be a small carp, took off stretching the whip elastic to limits beyond that which was intended before shedding the hook.  Thank you to the coaches Mark, Jake, Dennis, Les & Miles, and helpers David M, Bob & David F who gave up their time making the day a great success.  Thank you to Les of the Tackle Shed Barton Mill who was not only one of the coaches, but also supplied the bait #SupportYourLocalTackleShop


Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 13th October 2019

The Great Ouse 
Filip Dunaj caught a stunning fish from the Great Ouse with a 6lb 6oz chub.

Marek Zan caught a lovely 28lb common from the river Great Ouse.

Dariusz Blahuta had some great pike fishing this week on the Great Ouse and Grand Union canal. 5 in total.

Jason Dewey caught a nice looking common from Beckerings.

Grand Union Canal
QWAC fished the GUC at the Globe last Sunday where 18 anglers struggled for bites.
Steve Dunham pole fished maggot over groundbait and caught skimmers & roach for a winning weight of 5lb 11oz.
Ray Gaines was runner up with 1 big perch and some silvers for 3lb 2oz and Roy Chamberlain third with 2lb 14oz of small fish.
Section 1 was won by Dave Pearson with 2lb 1oz, Section 2 went to Richard Newman with 2lb 7oz which included a 2lb perch caught in the last half hour of the match.
The Wooden Spoon was awarded to Tom Mayhew who went home early.

Over 55’s 
Due to holidays and illness among the regulars, only two fished our over 55’s yesterday.  On a truly fabulous autumn day, Barry and Dennis fished the Canal at Slapton and had terrific nets of silver fish. Dennis had 6Lb 12Oz of mostly roach on bread punch and pinkies with some perch, rudd, gudgeon and hybrids in the mix. Barry had 10Lbs 13Oz of mainly skimmers including a big perch but lost a carp which took a pinkie about half an hour from the end!  Due to holidays and other engagements, they won’t be out ‪next Wednesday‬ but are scheduled to be at the Globe ‪on Wednesday 23rd Oct‬, so if you fancy joining them you would be most welcome. Meet at the Globe, draw ‪9am‬, fish 10 till 3 with £5.00 optional pools.  Non-members are welcome to join when day tickets are available at the waters being fished. 

Our good friend Rive UK General Manager Amer Jawad fished the GUC Grove Marina today for a feature with DHP magazines Steve Martin. A great bag and his largest perch ever and he's had them over 3lb before!.  Heres what he had to say on his page: 'Out today with Steve Martin from DHP magazines. The feature was on the Grand Union canal on the Luton Angling Club water, Grove lock.  As features go, this went to plan. 35lb plus of skimmers
and roach, and the biggest perch I’ve ever
 caught, decided to join the party!! 😮.  A deserved plug for a groundbait mix I am totally sold on now. After using the Rive Etang (Lake) and Rive Canal mixes during last weeks successful festival in Holland. I used it again today, it mixes and works a dream. 👌Fantastic day all round. 😊'

Jaroslaw Rzeszutek started his day up at Wyboston with a great sunrise.

North House
Xavier Gatens caught a beautiful 26lb North House common.

Charlie caught a 10lb Pike from North House after a soggy night session.

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 6th October 2019

 Monthly Photo Competition

Nikki Bolton has won the £25 September photo competition. Well done to Nikki who caught this beautiful looking 29lb 2oz common at North House Lake in early September. 

Kempston Lake
23lb 11oz common caught by Jake Purfett

South Lagoon
Filip Dunaj with some cracking South Lagoon commons to 25lb 10oz.

Jak Wib joined LAC and within a day had this stunner at 22lb 7oz from the Lagoon

Grand Union Canal - Three Locks
OVER 55s
After their summer holiday break, the Luton over 55 group that fish together on Wednesdays were back on the Canal at Three Locks two weeks ago, having resumed their weekly outing. Barry Roper had a nice catch of silvers with the odd perch for a winning weight of 6Lbs 12oz and a pleasing day’s fishing. The group fished at Slapton this Wednesday and again Barry had an excellent day with 5Lbs 12oz of Skimmers and Perch, beating Dennis Hunt into second with 3 lbs 12oz of Roach and Skimmers. 

River Ouse
Marek had a good session on the River Ouse catching 6 pike and a nice zander.

On a glorious October day, the Luton Over 55’s fished the river Ouse at Wyboston.  The river was slightly high with a decent flow but perfectly fishable with fish topping all along the river. Barry Roper had 6Lbs 12 oz of mainly roach on hemp and tares while Dennis Hunt came second with 6Lbs 2oz of mainly perch and dace on a maggot feeder. Nuala Gray was 3rd with 3Lbs 2oz of roach chub and dace. Dennis had a another huge perch follow a hooked fish to the bank which was clearly visible in the water...there’s always one that got away!  

Beckerings Reservoir
Neil Cox fished Beckerings and hit a new PB of 25lb 14oz with this cracker as well as another at 20lb during the night.

From member Steve Rodgers 'I was just starting to pack down early evening on 21st Sept, when I got a big backdrop on the bobbin. After a titanic 15 minute tussle, I managed to slip this 25lb lump into the net. It was the only bite of the day, so I was well chuffed. Thanks to the couple of lads overnighting on the East bank who helped me with the photos and encouragement during the fight'

North House Lake
Carlo Borromeo with what he describes as three absolute scrappers 

Work Party News
The repair work on the worn out platforms at Beckerings has been completed.  Platform 15 has been completely redone. Platform 16 has had a couple of sleepers replaced and on platform 19, 5 decking boards have replaced the rotten boards.  All platforms are now in a usable order.  We’ve also removed the lilies and blasted out the duckweed to flow away from the swims at Biddenham. 

Abbey Lads fished our Eaton Ford River Ouse venue on 22/9/19 and commented that they thought it was a great venue here are the weights.
L Willis 15.0
D Smith 10.12
D Whillock 6.2
P Deppe 4.3
K ward 3.9
The weights were made up of some lovely Dace, Perch and skimmers the top 2 weights came from the far end in the wooded area.