Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 27th September 2020

Here is this week's news and catch reports from Luton Angling Club week ending 27th September 2020

North House Lake

Having lost one fish and packing his gear away ready to go back to work Paul Sweet had a 22lb Common using a Strawberry Cream Pink Pop Up with a handful of pellets around it. 

Jamie Squires had a nice wakeup call at North House Lake from a Common weighing 21lb 4oz. His tactic was a PVA bag to a spot at 8 and a bit wraps. 

Crispin Valentine had a 21lb 2oz Common on Sunday Morning.
Beckerings Reservoir

A good week for beating personal bests this week. Paul Parkinson was a happy man after a session on Beckerings at the weekend as during his 24 hour session as he managed to get a new PB Common at 28lb 6oz it was caught on a wicked white pop up. He also had a good sized Bream. 

Also two new personal bests from Beckerings for Liam Murphy with a 27lb 10oz Common and then a 35lb 9oz Mirror which is the fish commonly known as Donkey Head.

Also at Beckerings a 20lb 8oz Beckerings Common for Matthew Ryall caught within 10 minutes of the rods being out the fish was caught on Mad Baits fish frenzy.
Kempston Lake

Ricky Angell fished a 48 Hour session and had two fish out the largest was a Mirror at 23lb 7oz

Wyboston River Ouse

Regular Wojciech had a nice 4lb Tench from the River Ouse at Wyboston.

Wednesday Match Report

The Wednesday match this week was fished at Lavendon Mill on a blustery and overcast day with squally rain showers. The day ended true to form with all involved getting the usual soaking when packing up and walking back to the cars!


The group had success with the roach for which this venue is famed with some nice fish being taken, all who came caught, but unfortunately were all plagued with Pike taking hooked fish, one losing no less than six pole rigs to pike during the course of the day, with another two due to blustery wind tangling in the trees. Successful baits were Caster and Hemp / Tares. All who came enjoyed the day, and they will undoubtedly be back before too long sadly no pictures this week due to the heavy rain!


Winning weights 

1st 8lb 6oz

2nd 4lb 7oz

3rd 2lb 15oz


This week on Weds 30/09/20 the group will fish at Three Locks draw at 9am in the car park and fish 10 till 3, £5.00 optional pool and non-members are welcome to attend if they wish as they can purchase a day ticket.


Southern Canal League

The Southern Canal League final round was fished at Ivinghoe last weekend and turned out to be a very different match to the one held two weeks earlier. The weather had gone through a significant change between the two matches becoming a lot cooler with some of the first significant overnight lows of the year. The Canal had gone very clear and there was a significant amount of water movement, although not too many boats. Butch Murphy the league organiser said he had never seen Ivinghoe fish like this before.


It was a great result for his team Oakwood Green as if it had fished ‘normally’ they couldn't have made up the 9 points.


Image were in front, but they had 2 blanks and Oakwood Green took 11 points off them to win the league!

Most of the weights on the day were made up of Perch and smaller roach.


Top weights on the day were 

1st 9lb 14oz, 

2nd 9lb 3oz 

3rd 8lb 14oz

Final Placings in the league were 

1st Oakwood Green Total 129 Points

Tie 2nd Cadence Superteam and Image total 127 Points.


The club looks forward to welcoming the League back on our waters next year.


Chairmans Shield Match

Each September we hold a match known as the Chairmans Shield Match - originally the committee fished this match but for the last couple of years we have also invited our Bailiffs and our dedicated Work Party volunteer team to take part. This year the venue chosen was the River at Eaton Ford. It was a windy and quite cold start to the day but it brightened up later on and the wind died off. The venue did not perform as well as usual but everyone who fished did catch but some did better than others with the lowest weight being 3oz up to the winning weight of 4lb 9oz. Some of the group with the lower weights initially targeted the large Bream which go to double figures but unfortunately that did not pay off as they didn’t make an appearance this time others had an interfering Pike which killed the swim for a time on several occasions. Float fished single maggot seemed to be the successful method of the day and a varied range of species were caught with Roach, Dace, Perch, Gudgeon, Bleak, Skimmers and small Chublets appearing at the weigh in.

All 11 Results:-

1st Place – Mark Brooks 4lb 9oz

2nd Place – Mark Sessions 2lb 15oz

3rd Place – Dennis Hunt 2lb 14oz

4th Place – Rob Dunthorne 2lb 10oz

5th Place – Colin Holmes 2lb 1½oz

6th Place – Dave Murdoch 1lb 11oz

7th Place – Brian Turner 1lb 1½oz

8th Place – Barry Stevenson 12½ oz

9th Place – Bob Burdiak 12oz 

10th Place – Fergal O Kane 9½oz

11th Place – Roger Bland 3oz


Tight Lines until next week.



Luton Angling Club.



Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 20th September 2020

Here is this week's news and reports from Luton Angling Club.

North House Lake 
At North House Lake Kieran Turner had a stunning 20lb Mirror. 

After a run of blank sessions Scott Judge had a solid 18lb Common Scott sends his thanks to bailiff Brian Turner who always tries to get him on the fish. Brian told him "You will get one tonight Scott" and he did.

Grand Union Canal 
Russell Johns had a 24lb 7oz lump from the Grand Union Canal this week. He was originally planning a visit to Beckerings but glad he changed his mind last minute as this is a new canal PB for him.

Kempston Lake 
On his second ever visit to Kempston Lake Paul Parkinson fished a 48hr session and he caught a mirror of 24lb 6oz it was caught on pop up with chopped up nut boilies.

 Also at Kempston Artur Szczerbinski had a 21lb Mirror 

Harrison Coady had his first Kempston Carp on Saturday which was a new PB at 27lb.

Match Reports
On Sunday 13th September Abbey Lads fished at Eaton Ford on the River Ouse and had a great day out which everyone enjoyed. They reported catching lots of Skimmers, Roach & Perch. They have told us they will be back soon.

1st 11lb 4oz
2nd 7lb 15oz
3rd 4lb 15 oz
4th 4lb 10oz

Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of the catches. The Club is fortunate to have so many fine in form river venues, if you haven’t tried one recently why don’t you give one a go.

Wednesday Knock Up Match
Only two fished the Wednesday Knock up at South Lagoon this week on a perfect September day with the temperature in the mid 20’s. One of them did OK, and one had a bit of a mare!

Barry Roper managed to put 6lbs 8oz of nice Roach on the scales they were caught mainly on caster, using both pole and feeder tactics.

For Dennis it was a day of missed bites and lost fish only managing 1lb 4oz this weight made up by a couple of Skimmers, one taken on the float, the other on feeder using maggot and corn. Unfortunately the biggest fish of the day was a Bream that came adrift as it reached the bank.

One surprising thing was the strength of the undertow along the bank the wind blowing one way and undertow going the other at twice the speed which made float presentation difficult 

Oh well that's fishing but at least they didn't get wet this week!

The outing next week will be Members Only at Lavendon where they have been invited by the bailiff Bob Burdiak to fish, so the group hope for an excellent day following the previous success by Bob with the Roach at the venue

Meet for a 9am draw in the car park, fish 10 till 3 with a £5.00 optional pools.

See the attached picture of Barry Roper with his 6lbs 8oz of fish and another of a nice net of Lavendon Roach which they'll be targetting next week.

Dennis said it wasn’t worth a picture of his catch this week!

Work Party Report 
The work party team were at Beckerings on Saturday re-building and replacing the small bridge across the stream from the car park. The original bridge was starting to rot and feel very spongy. The new bridge should last well into the future. Thanks to the volunteers that attended.
Monthly Photo competition 
All pictures submitted to the clubs via the Facebook page or our website are automatically entered into the monthly photo competition that is judged each month by the club committee. It's not the size that matters so send in pictures of anything you catch and you could win £25. Our August winner was Dean Ayres with a 3lb 5oz Perch from the Grand Union Canal.

Tight Lines until next week 

Luton Angling Club 

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 13th September 2020

Here is this week’s round up of news, catch reports and match results from all Luton Angling Club waters.

Beckerings Reservoir

Kyle Thompson Parkinson fished Beckerings with his Dad Paul on a 48 Hour session. Kyle had a great session catching 7 nice sized bream using CC Moore Livesystem. 

Dad Paul Parkinson had a good size Bream and a carp of 19lb using Wicked white pop ups and a PVA Stick of chopped nut boilies. 

Robert Hall had a 29lb 5oz Mirror Carp during a night session. 

Carlo Borromeo had a very quiet day on Beckerings and thought a blank was on the cards but then a nice 23lb 4oz Mirror showed up and disappointment was avoided. 

Tom Harris caught a stunning 15lb 8oz Mirror. 

Neil Cox had a 25lb 3oz Mirror which he also caught in September last year. He also had a 21lb and 18lb Common all caught using madbaits.

North House Lake

Paul Darvall had a 24lb 3oz from North House and the first fish of a 24hr session. He has been told this may be the fish named "The Pretty One" though several people have since said it’s a different fish known as “The Pretty Lin”

Kempston Lake

Ricky Angell had two nights on Kempston and had four carp out. All were mid doubles and the biggest was 15lb 10oz

Lavendon Mill
The Lavendon bailiffs sent in a picture of a brand new platform that had appeared unexpectedly. The materials were all supplied, and the platform was built at no cost to the club by Mick the owner of the Mill house by the River he also removed a tree stump and has widened the swim and it looks fantastic. Our thanks to Mick for this and the other work he has done at the venue to help us this year including levelling the pathway and mowing and strimming prior to our work party sparing us the usual jungle warfare on the first work party of the year!

Eaton Ford
Bob Burdiak and Mark Brooks were on the River earlier in the week catching some quality Roach and Perch. They also had dace, skimmers and chublets. Both had pike and bigger perch chase fish as they reeled in.

Also at Eaton ford this week Club official Dennis Hunt spent a very pleasant morning in the company of Ellis Selway from the EA and the two extremely hard working Eaton Ford Bailiffs Glenn and Stuart. The purpose of the visit was to discuss possible improvement of the existing backwater. We have been making improvements to this venue over the last few seasons and these works will continue as we are able to source funding.

We hope to slightly enlarge and open the mouth of the backwater, introduce a water flow from the River and also desilt to improve habitat, promote spawning and give some winter fishing.  Also in the current proposal is to open another small pool to give amphibians and invertebrates better habitat. Thanks so much to Ellis and the EA giving such constructive assistance with this. More details will follow as development plans progress.

Wyboston River Ouse

Wyboston regular Wojciech had another Tench weighing 4lb this stretch of River has such a mixed variety of species and sizes of fish and you never know what will show up next.

Wednesday Match Report 9th September

Due to a few domestic incidents, including unexpectedly taking the dog to the vet, car maintenance issues and waiting at home for a delivery, attendance this week was slightly below expectation!

The three anglers that fished met on the Canal at Ivinghoe on a morning with a surprisingly chilly feel, overcast skies and not a breath of wind.


The anglers found the Canal surprisingly clear with a water temperature of 15C, having a mirror surface with no ripple. They expected a ‘bagging session’ from an extremely productive stretch of Canal but unfortunately found the fishing challenging. Luckily the fishing was helped by the passage of the first boat which stirred up the water (a good number come through during the day). First small perch showed, with roach coming later. None of the bigger Bream that are known to be present in the section made an appearance, all the fish were caught close at about 7 to 8 metres.


Bites were gentle affairs with the anglers having to use light pole floats to see the indications. A variety of baits were used, including Caster, Squatt, hemp and big maggot and the best combination appearing to be Pinkie over groundbait.


Fishing aside the group saw some fantastic sights during the day, a very large Red Kite soaring and swooping low in the still air, the motionless Heron standing on the towpath with intermittent bouts of flight to change position, and two huge flights of Swallow at around midday which put on a fantastic acrobatic aerial display swooping and soaring over the Canal drinking from the surface and taking hatching fly on the wing. These birds won’t be around much longer as they will be off on the migration back to Africa very soon.



1st Barry Roper

4lbs 12oz


2nd Dennis Hunt

3lbs 12oz


3rd Dave Britton

2lbs 12oz


Next week the group will fish South Lagoon Wyboston, meet for 9am Draw, fish 10 till 3, £5.00 optional pools.

Non-Members are welcome next week but will need to pay a day ticket fee to the Bailiff.



Dave Murdoch, David Farmer, Fergal O Kane and Bob Burdiak attended the first Slipe Lane Pits work party on Sunday 13th September and assisted some of the T.A.C committee and attendees from other member clubs with Litter Picking and removal of fallen trees and trimming of overhanging trees and undergrowth to open up more swims.

Beckerings Closure – Bridge Replacement

A reminder that next week on Saturday 19/9/20 Beckerings is closed for the day so that the bridge across the stream can be replaced. No night bookings will be taken for Friday 18th and anyone booked on Saturday night must not arrive at the venue before 5pm. If you are planning to attend and help out please let us know as we have to ensure that relevant social distancing and government rules are adhered to.


Slipe Lane Pits

On Sunday 20th September there is another work party at the Slipe Lane Pits. The work party runs from 08:00 to around 12:00pm. If you’ve not visited these waters yet why not help out and have a look round and find out some tips and advice from the regulars. We are committed to help out at these work parties as part of our fishing agreement so members should make an effort to attend.


Tight Lines Until Next Week



Luton Angling Club

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area. Week Ending 6th September 2020

Here is this week’s round up of news, catch reports and match results from all Luton Angling Club waters.

 North House Lake

Paul Trew sent in a picture of one of the NHL stockies weighing 13lb 10oz - Comparing photos from the stocking back in October 2017 this looks very much like Number 3 that went in at 6lb 3oz. Photos and the weights of all the 21 fish that were stocked back then can be found on the club website. 

The 21 fish stocked weighed between 4lb 9oz and 8lb 2oz when introduced to the water. This reference gallery is useful for seeing how much the stockies have grown on in 3 years. Let us know if you catch any of the others. 

Brett Collins also sent in a picture he thinks is Stockie number 5 which he caught last week at 14lb 10oz it seems like the ones we have seen are doing well and now range between 12 and 16lb in weight.

Wyboston River Ouse
Bailiff Brian Turner float fished the River Ouse and had plenty of Rudd and Roach.

River Ouse Eaton Ford
Mark Brooks fished at Eaton Ford this week and despite the very windy conditions caught a number of roach.

Kempston Lake
Ricky Angell had a 15lb 8oz Ghostie like mirror.

Wyboston South Lagoon

Regular Wyboston angler Wojciech had a Tench of 4lb from the South Lagoon.

Wednesday Match Report

Five fished the Wednesday Knock up this week on a beautiful autumn morning on the Ouse at Wyboston. The day started with a slight nip, with an air temperature around 13 degrees and a light wind. The air temperature rose slightly during the day ending up at around 16 degrees. and we had some slight rain (again) when packing away.

The river looked in super form, with a good colour and flow, water temperature this week was a constant at 15 degrees. The venue fished very well, and we all had a very enjoyable close match, with four of the anglers with nets over 5lb. The match could have been won from any of the pegs used.


Roach showed well, some decent size fish being taken, and made up the bulk of the catches, along with several Perch, the biggest of these was a fish of 1lb 6oz taken by Barry Roper.


All methods were used, Pole, Stick float and feeder, with fish being taken on Hemp, Tare, Maggot and Caster.



1st Steve Osmond 6lbs 6oz

2nd Dave Britton 5lbs 7oz

3rd Barry Roper 5lbs 6oz

4th Dennis Hunt 5lbs 3oz

5th John Barton 2lbs 4oz


Next week we will be back on the Grand Union Canal at Ivinghoe, and off-road parking has been arranged at £3.00 per car. Meet for a 9am Draw, at Ivinghoe bridge, fish 10 till 3, £5.00 optional pools.  As this is a day ticket venue non-members are welcome to join us if they wish.

Visiting Club Match Report – Braggers Angling Club – Biddenham

19 Anglers fished the Biddenham section of River Ouse last weekend. All anglers caught and the combined weight was around 52lb. the winning weight came in at 8lb 4oz. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures to accompany this report.


Planned Work Parties

There are a few work parties planned in September and we urge any members with some spare time to attend and help out.


Sunday 13th September – Slipe Lane Pits (Work Party arranged run by the Turnford Consortium)

Sunday 20th September – Slipe Lane Pits (Work Party arranged run by the Turnford Consortium)\


These two work parties are to clear swims of undergrowth and hanging branches and general hand tools will be required such as pruners, saws etc if you have them.


Saturday 19th September – Beckerings Reservoir – We will be replacing the footbridge across the stream at the bottom of the slope as it is in need of repairs. 

Beckerings will be closed from Dusk on Friday 18th September to 17:00hrs on Saturday 19th September. 

Night Bookings will be taken for Saturday 19th however no access will be available to the reservoir until 5pm.


Tight Lines Until Next Week





Luton Angling Club