Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 25th September 2022

Here is all the latest news, catch reports and information from Luton Angling Club If you want to send in a picture or a catch report you can do so via our social media pages or via the "send us a catch report" link in the contact us section of the club website this has recently been updated to make it easier to upload pictures and catch reports. You can also send reports, pictures and video directly via what's app to 07940 229071.

North House Lake

next Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd October there will be a work party at North House where we will continue rabbit proofing the otter fence. The lake is closed on both days however anyone assisting with the work party on both days is able to night fish on Fri&Sat or Sat&Sun.
North House Work Party
There have been a few catch reports from North House this week starting with Kyle Parkinson who had a 13lb Mirror Carp at 2am Monday morning. This is almost certainly one of the 2021 stockies. It was caught on Parker baits.
Kyle Parkinson North House Mirror
Kyle's dad Paul Parkinson managed to get a nice Tench and a 14lb mirror carp which is also likely one of the 2021 stockies most of these fish have put on at least 4lb since they were stocked in October 2021.
Paul Parkinson North House Mirror Carp
Paul Parkinson North House Tench
Max Beresford had Two mirrors on Saturday night the weights were 22lb 2oz and 22lb 7oz
Max Beresford North House Lake
Max Beresford North House Lake
Graeme Tarran caught his 2nd fish from North House an 18lb 8oz Mirror which is the same weight as his first from North House a couple of weeks ago. It was a double catch with Max Beresford.
Graeme Tarran North House Lake
Graeme Tarran and Max Beresford North House Lake
Graeme also had a 21lb 5oz Common.
Graeme Tarran 21lb 5oz North House Lake
Beckerings Reservoir
Craig Mahoney had five carp Monday night the best 3 are pictured below. The other two were smaller commons.
Craig Mahoney - Beckerings Common
Craig Mahoney - Beckerings Mirror
Craig Mahoney - Beckerings Mirror
Duncan Pettican had two commons on Friday night the weights were 13lb 2oz and 14lb 6oz. He also lost two others and had three Bream.

Duncan Pettican - Beckerings Common
Duncan Pettican - Beckerings Common

South Lagoon - Wyboston
Simon Heath sent in a picture of a Common and the reported weight was 28lb 12oz
Lavendon Mill Upstream
Bob Burdiak fished a morning session on the Ouse upstream at Lavendon today. It was Calm overcast, and the river had very little flow. Fishing a waggler with wheat as bait he took a nice catch of fin perfect roach. Not all fish he caught are pictured.
Bob Burdiak -  Bag of Roach Lavendon Upstream.

Match Report Wednesday 21st September - Grand Union Canal Slapton
A reduced turnout of 8 anglers arrived at Slapton on Wednesday to be greeted with overcast skies and no wind. Everyone caught and the top two weights were very close. First on the day was Barry Roper with 6lb 2oz of mainly small fish on maggot topped up with a good last hour catching better roach on caster. Second was Sean Leatherland with 5lb 15oz of small fish mainly taken on a 4 metre whip. Third was Andy Norgate with a nice mixed bag of slightly larger fish.
1st Barry Roper 6lb 2oz
2nd Sean Leatherland 5lb 15oz
3rd Andy Norgate 3lb 8oz
4th Chris Howard 2lb 8oz
5th Dave Ridley 2lb 4oz
6th Les Burton 2lb 2oz
7th Terry Vickers 2lb 1oz
8th Malcolm Ogden 12oz
This week the match is on the river at Wyboston, meet behind North House at 8-30am for the draw. £1-00 Luton peg fee £5-00 optional pools non members can attend and fish the match on a day ticket.

That is all for this week.

Tight Lines,

Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - 19th September 2022

Here is this week's news, information and catch reports round up from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in a picture or a catch report you can do so via our social media pages or via the "send us a catch report" link in the contact us section of the club website. You can also send them via what's app to 07940 229071.

In Memoriam - Barbara Bunnage 
The club is sad to report the news that one of our life members, Barbara Bunnage passed away this this week after a long illness. She was our Club Secretary for a significant number of years and had a significant and long standing affection for the Club. Babs and Pete had previously lived in Luton but have resided in Devon for some years now.

Babs is survived by husband Pete Bunnage, who is also a life member of the Club and of course Trevor and Ashley Bunnage who are still active members.

Babs greatest angling feat was coming second in the NFA Ladies National match held on 12th August 1982 weighing in a carp of around 6lb in a match held on our sections of the GUC, which was organised by her husband Pete.

We thank Barbara for her services to the Club.

Beckerings Reservoir
Beckerings continues to fish extremely well with a number of catches reported again this week including a couple of the big catfish.

Steve Emery had a hard a hard fighting, big tailed common at 16lbs 8oz. Followed by 4 bream. The other carp didn’t turn up until much later with 5 commons 17-19lbs, biggest was 19lbs 10oz and then a lovely Mirror at 24lb 12oz
Steve Emery - Beckerings Mirror
Steve Emery - Beckerings Mirror
Steve Emery - Beckerings Common
Steve Emery - Beckerings Common
Sean Cox had a 42lb 9oz catfish from Beckerings however a camera issue meant the photo came outr blurred which was a shame. a great catch none the less. He also had a 22lb 11oz Mirror Carp.
Sean Cox- Beckerings Catfish 42lb 9oz
Sean Cox - Beckerings Mirror
Ionel Mihăilă had a mirror at 26lb 8oz from Beckerings Friday night it was caught on 20mm Aktiv Krill boilies.
Ionel Mihăilă - 26lb 8oz Beckerings Mirror
Ionel Mihăilă - releasing the 26lb 8oz Beckerings Mirror
Regular contributor to our reports Paul Parkinson had a 48 hour session at Beckerings and managed to get three carp. Two were mirrors and one was a common weights were 16lb, 22lb 4oz and 25lb 5oz
Paul Parkinson - Beckerings Mirror
Paul Parkinson - Beckerings Common
Paul Parkinson - Beckerings Mirror
Bailiff Neil Cox had another great session with a new PB catfish at 60lb 11oz. An absolute power house caught on a MAD Baits nuts 18mm hard hooker with an iso cream topper on a Platinum Tackle size 4 curve. He also had several Commons which were caught on MAD Baits nuts boosted pop ups on a Platinum Tackle size 6 hook.
Neil Cox PB Catfish 60lb 11oz - Beckerings
Neil Cox PB Catfish 60lb 11oz - Beckerings
Neil Cox  - Beckerings Common
Neil Cox  - Beckerings Common
Neil Cox  - Beckerings Common
Max Beresford fished a 48hr at Beckerings and had a good session with Commons of 20lb 10oz and 18lb 8oz, and a Mirror weighing 23lb.
Max Beresford - Beckerings Common
Max Beresford - Beckerings Common
Max Beresford - Beckerings Mirror
Sean Watts had Commons of 17lb 8oz, 20lb 8oz and 18lb 5oz and a Mirror at 19lb 15oz caught from Beckerings during a 48hr session.He also had a smaller one at 16lb 5oz but the picture was no good so he didn't send it.
Sean Cox - Beckerings Common
Sean Cox - Beckerings Mirror
Sean Cox - Beckerings Common
Sean Cox - Beckerings Common

North House Lake
Fish are being caught but not reported, please do send in your reports and pictures these are essential for publicity of the club and to encourage and maintain a healthy membership.

We will be holding another work party on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd October to complete the improvements to the Otter Fence the 1st phase appears to be doing the business and deterring the rabbits from digging under the fence so we need to complete the second phase. North House lake will be closed on Saturday 1st  and Sunday 2nd October. 

Only those members helping out on the work party will be able to book on for the nights of Friday 30th and Saturday 1st October uf you intend on fishing Sunday night then you won't be able to arrive until 5pm on the Sunday. We will allow volunteers to fish both Friday and Saturday Nights as long as they help out on both Saturday and Sunday. Book on in the usual way letting us know you'll be helping at the work party. Members are encouraged to come and help out for a few hours. Bring Shovels, Spades and Rakes.
North House Lake Otter Fence Improvements
The National Celebration of Young People and Fishing 2022
Shropshire Union Canal 
Held every year on the third weekend of September, this event is the UK’s largest national celebration of young peoples' fishing. Luton AC had participants in all three categories Cadets (Ages 7-10) Juniors (Ages 11-15) Youth (Ages 16 - 20).

The Luton Kingfisher Cadets and the Youths fished on Saturday and then the Juniors fished on Sunday. The Luton AC coaches had a very busy weekend trying to look after as many of the participants as possible, those that the coaches couldn't get to were supported by the local volunteers.

On Saturday in the Cadet category there was a field of 92 anglers and in the Youth 29 Anglers. Most importantly our cadets Team placing was 7th out of 31 teams and individually Lilly May Clark came 1st with 3kg, Hugo Hall came 36th with 0.55kg - unfortunately this will be the last time that Hugo will fish for us as he is moving away and it is a great shame to lose a great young angler and Logan Dean who has only been with us a few weeks came 47th with 0.45kg which is a fantastic performance considering he only had limited equipment and experience. 

In the Youth category we had one participant Sam Chamberlain, Unfortunately he didn't have a lucky day and he came 28th with 5dr.

On Sunday in the Junior Category Dylan Carr who should have been in the cadets came 130th James Oakes who fished for us last year, had a bit of an unlucky match dropping a big skimmer but still managed 51st place. Cody partridge who we have been working with for a couple of months now fished brilliantly and came in 50th 

The performance of the day for us was Dan Carr with a cracking weight of 1kilo 450gr and he came in 29th which is not bad out of a field of 192. 

The team known as the Luton lock lads consisting of James, Cody and Dan had a very respectable 9th place overall out of 64.

We are really proud of the youngsters that took part and they'll now be working hard to improve their skills for next year!

For the full results from the celebration click the links below

The National Celebration of Young people and fishing 2022
Match Report, Wednesday 14th September South Lagoon Wyboston.
14 anglers fished this week on a fine but somewhat colder Wednesday morning, the overnight air temperature was steady at 13C, and there was little wind. The day turned into a beautiful autumn day, the overcast lifting and the skies clearing to end on a sunny 21C with little wind. The midday water temperature at South Lagoon this week was 20C.
All the usual South Lagoon tactics were tried, waggler, feeder and pole, but this week waggler tactics seemed to be the most successful. Dennis Hunt had set up a tip rod and a waggler rod wanting a change from using a pole. The Intention was to start on the waggler and move onto the tip later, but fish continued to show on the waggler line between 2 -3 rod lengths out, and as the bleak were not being a nuisance, he stayed with that line all day, taking a mixed bag of roach, skimmers and small perch to weigh 7lb 14oz. 

Dennis used maggot on the hook over some sticky groundbait, while loose feeding hemp and maggot. 

Second place Sean Leatherland fished a pole using maggot to take a mixed bag to weigh 6lb 12oz, and third place this week went to Dudley Frankland again fishing a waggler using worm as bait to take Skimmers to weigh 5lb 5oz. 

All who came enjoyed the day out in the autumn sunshine, and many thanks are due to all who assisted with draw and weigh in.

1st Dennis Hunt 7lb 14 oz
2nd Sean Leatherland 6lb 12oz
3rd Dudley Frankland 5lb 5oz
4th Richard Gibbs 4lb 6oz
5th (Joint) Dave Ridley & Richard Darbon 4lb 4oz
7th Terry Vickers 2lb 14oz
8th Brian Shaw 2lb 8oz 
9th Barry Roper 2lb 6oz
10th Tony Hickmott 1lb 15oz
11th Roger Baker 14oz
12th Les Burton 12oz
Andy Norgate left early
Sean Leatherland
Dennis Hunt
Next week we will fish the Canal at Slapton, Section 10, so day ticket anglers can join us. Meet for 8-30 draw in the car park, £5.00 optional pools, and £1.00 Luton peg fee.

Thats all we have for now.

Tight Lines Until Next Week!
Dave M
Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area - Week Ending 11th September 2022

Here is this week's news, information and catch reports round up from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in a picture or a catch report you can do so via our social media pages or via the "send us a catch report" link in the contact us section of the club website. You can also send them via what's app to 07940 229071.

North House Lake
North House has been fishing well this week according to reports from members. Brett Collins had several fish during his 24hr session. All were caught on Five Star baits.
Brett Collins - North House Lake
Brett Collins - North House Lake
Brett Collins - North House Lake
Brett Collins - North House Lake
Junior member Dexter Allen had an 11lb 8ox Common on a Hinders XO popup over a light scatter of boilies. He also had a small hand sized tench on worm.
Dexter Allen - North House Lake
Beckerings Reservoir
Steve Emery had a productive session on Thursday evening, he had 6 carp, 26lb 1oz, 20lb 7oz, 20lb 2oz and three others between 16-18lbs
Steve Emery - Beckerings Reservoir
Steve Emery - Beckerings Reservoir
Steve Emery - Beckerings Reservoir
Lavendon River Ouse
Dave Murdoch fished Lavendon Mill on the Downstream section on Sunday, He had quite a few small bits and pieces on Red Maggot and despite getting some really good bites on legered cheese paste only hooked a couple of small Chub. The swims at Lavendon are looking really good all thanks to the hard work of the bailiffs Roger and Bob.
Lavendon Downstream
Lavendon Downstream

A review of the 2022 Luton AC ‘Lets Fish’ and Coaching Team's Year so far.
2022 has been busy for Dennis Hunt and all the Luton coaching team members. Here is a review by Dennis’ Hunt who is one of the coaches and the club match secretary.
"We have again learnt a lot about improving the delivery of the events and some of the students who have attended the ‘Lets Fish sessions this year have caught some brilliant fish, including bream of 6lb and an old warrior Canal roach of 1lb 6oz
We have helped deliver ‘CRT’ Coach the Coach’ training in January when Simon Mottram attended, delivered our own Classroom sessions in January, February, and March, and ‘Let’s Fish’ events from Easter onwards at weekends and school holidays. In the July Half Term and the August school holidays our teams delivered 2 highly successful events per week, unfortunately having to cancel one due to torrential rain, a first for us. At one of our events, we were visited by a ‘Mystery shopper’, Tom Sherwood from the Environment Agency, who came to see how ‘Lets Fish’ delivered first hand and went away very impressed.
We ran the CRT Southern heat of the Commonwealth Celebration at Three Locks, assisted with a similar event in Reading, delivered ‘Lets Fish’ at Hays Canal Festival, and have the GUC Junior Championship event at Three Locks planned for the 16th of October still to run. We are proud of the fact that very nearly all who attend our sessions manage to catch multiple fish. In addition to our own ‘Lets Fish’ events Luton Coaches have also assisted other local Clubs deliver events as far afield as Coventry.
Our own Luton Kingfisher Junior Club ‘follow on’ coaching events, where the attendance is steadily growing, have been very successful. These run on Saturday afternoons at Three Locks, Slapton and Wyboston through the summer. These ‘Follow On’ sessions are aimed at helping our younger Club members with the skills required to fish competently on their own and preparing those who want to participate in the CRT Celebration event in mid-September with the techniques they need to do so.
Some great fish have been caught during these sessions, A hybrid over 3lb 8oz and a Perch well over 2lb, both fish winning CRT ‘Fish of the Month’ prizes for the captors.

We hope to have 8 entries spread across the Youth, Junior and Cadet categories representing Luton this year in the CRT National Celebration and they all should be equipped with the skills they need to enjoy themselves on the day and catch a few fish. Luton Coaches will of course be on hand during this event helping with the organisation and assisting our participants on the bank
It's been gratifying to have inspired one former qualified Level 2 to renew his coaching badge and join us, and he is now planning to run events at Half Term. Additionally, we have gained some enthusiastic volunteers who assist us with our reception desks at these events.
The winter classroom sessions for the months October to March are arranged in a Luton Community centre, as is another CRT ‘Coach the Coach’ session in January using the same venue.

We will get out on the bank with our Kingfishers again if we can before the end of the year, depending on the weather.
We look forward to concluding our year successfully, it’s been hard work at times, and we have all travelled a few miles, but it has been rewarding for those involved. We look forward to engaging with CRT to plan next years events soon"
Let's Fish
Let's Fish
Division 2 National

Luton AC Match Secretary, Wednesday Match Group Member and Club Coach Dennis Hunt fished the Division 2 National on the Warwickshire Avon on Saturday. Here is his report from the day.

"Myself and Roger Baker who was acting as our team steward travelled up to Redditch on Friday evening and stayed overnight to be nearer the draw on Saturday morning.
After arriving at the draw, and doing some late team changes we waited for the draw at 8am, and I drew peg set 2, which put me on C15, (permanent peg No 76) at Barford below the weir. After communicating the peg numbers to the rest of the team it was away to find the section, which turned out to be about 25 - 30 miles back in the Redditch direction from whence we came!
After driving past the entrance once we eventually found the place and were directed down a track, toward the river which had a steep muddy bank which we eventually persuaded the car to climb. We were very much more fortunate than some as we could park by the peg, others had some long walks.
On initially seeing the peg my spirits rose a little, I thought it looked Ok, but access was a bit Slippy, the water was clear and weed present, but the heavy storms of Thursday and Thunderstorms locally Friday had put a lot of water in the river.
I had a slack on the inside as the bush in the water to my left was pushing the flow over to the far bank. I set up stick rod, Tip rod and big whip
I did have a plan as knowing the section held Barbel and Chub I was going to start on the tip with worm. At all in i put a bomb rod into the slack with worm as bait and had a big twitch which I missed! what might have been?
After that I tried the worm for about an hour, then I started on the stick, but the flow was very powerful, then the whip and back to the bomb.
At about 2-30 I had a twitch, struck and was into a fish which turned out to be the bulk of my weight. Initially thought to be a chub it turned out to be a beautifully coloured and very lightly hooked Perch, very quickly followed by a much smaller one.
I weighed 950 grams, better than some, beat the chap on my right, and didn't disgrace myself on a difficult day when weights were low all around"

Peg C15 at Barford below the weir.

Thats all the news, information and reports for this week.

Tight Lines,

Dave M