Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 29th November 2020

Here is all of this week’s news and catch reports from Luton Angling Club. Compared to the previous few weeks it’s been a very quiet in terms of catch reports. 

I have finally got round to sorting out last month’s monthly photo prize and the winner for October 2020 was Junior member Callum Marvin who had a 7lb Tench from Kempston. All catch photos sent in are automatically entered and the winner is selected by the committee at the end of each month. 

Beckerings Reservoir
Crispin Valentine had a nice Beckerings Pike using smelt as a deadbait. 

Bailiff Mark Sessions had a good number of Roach and Perch and also managed to catch one of the Ide at 1lb 6oz – it’s good to see these are growing on well and are providing good winter sport – Double maggot was the successful bait.

Also at Beckerings Andrew Tyers had the Pike known as Yellow Spot which got its name due to the bright yellow spot on its cheek. Yellow spot is the largest known Pike in the reservoir and last time it was caught it had lost some weight but is now back up to 20lb. 

Andrew also had a smaller Pike of 9lb 9oz during the same session.
That’s all we have for this week so please send in any reports of any catches from our waters to help with our weekly reports. You can send pictures and reports in via the website or our various social media pages we are always interested to hear of any catches and it doesn’t have to be a report of a specimen sized fish so let us know how you get on even if you just go out and catch few silvers.


Tight Lines



Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 22nd November 2020

Here is all this week’s news and catch reports from Luton Angling Club. If you want to send in any reports please send them in via the website or our various social media pages. All catch reports are entered in to the monthly photo competition where a winner is picked by the Luton AC committee. Send in pictures of any fish you catch as it’s not always the biggest fish that wins!

North House Lake
In October 2017 we stocked 21 C3 Mirror carp that were supplied by Priory Fishery we have been very impressed with the quality and the growth rate of these fish. Members may also recall that some time ago the club committed to stocking some new carp near to 30lb in to North House Lake as part of its ongoing re-stocking program. We contacted Priory Fishery to supply us with these fish last year and we are pleased to announce that on Wednesday this week the two C7 carp were delivered. One Common of 26lb 4oz and a Mirror of 27lb 10oz were introduced to the lake. Club Secretary John Morris who sadly passed away in January this year did a lot of the work involved with sourcing these fish and it is very sad that he was not able to be around to see them go in the water. As a tribute to John we have decided to name these two fish as “John’s Common” and “John’s Mirror”. Similar fish supplied by Priory Fishery have reached over 40lb so we look forward to monitoring their progress – If you catch either of them please take pictures and let us know the weight.

Dean Brittain popped to North House this week for a quick session after work and was over the moon when a 16lb Common was in the landing net within an hour of his arrival.
Grand Union Canal
13 year old Brandon was fishing on the canal this week and just as the light was fading and the session was nearly over he hooked one of the canals larger resident carp – After a good fight a 31lb 6oz Mirror was in the net – Great Angling and what a fantastic fish to add to your catch list at only 13 years old!
Dennis Hunt fished the Town North section on Wednesday as he thought it would be a good option and fish well after the heavy rain and it would also be less susceptible to the wind. He was right about one but not the other as a strong gusty wind was blowing down the canal making it quite unpleasant at times. The water was the colour of tea and there was a significant flow due to all the recent rain but despite this it fished quite well he had Bream, Perch and Roach using Punch, Squatt and Pinkies and in total had an estimated 7 or 8lb.

Beckerings Reservoir
Brett Collins had a Common Carp during an overnight session on Saturday Night.

River Ouse
Despite the Rivers still being high and pushing through we have received a few reports this week. Jack Rose was back out after the Perch and managed a good sized Perch though disappointingly lost a few others that felt much bigger during the session.

Gareth Evans was also on the River after the predators and after a very slow day he went home happy after catching a nice 10lb Pike.

South Lagoon
Vehicles are getting stuck on the grass around the lagoon as it is extremely waterlogged – Please keep your vehicles off of the grass as the damage caused is costly to repair The complex owners are not very happy about the damage being caused and further action may be taken by them. Consider carefully where you drive and park your vehicle at our venues at this time of year as it is extremely easy to get stuck but not easy to get back out again without causing lots of damage.
Bailiff Des Saunders accompanied by Alan Armstrong were at Biddenham again this week continuing their work to replace the damaged sections of barbed wire perimeter fencing – Our thanks go to them for doing this work as they have done a great job of it.

Tight Lines Until Next Week
Dave – Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 15th November 2020

Here is a round up of this weeks news and catch reports from Luton Angling Club the week ending 15th November 2020, Lots of predator catches again this week and as you’ll see the South Lagoon at Wyboston is fishing very well for the Pike at the moment. South Lagoon can be fished by both Luton AC members and by non-members on a Day and Night Ticket which is available on the bank from our bailiffs.

South Lagoon Wyboston
Day Ticket Angler Paul Murray had a great 24hr session on the lagoon catching 3 Pike one at 8lb, another at 13lb and then a big girl at 18lb. 

Wyboston Bailiff Brian Turner continued his predator season and targeted South Lagoon twice this week his first visit resulted in a Pike of 12lb and a perch around 1lb on half a sprat. Brian also lost another 2 fish during this session. 
On the next session he had a fantastic session and lost count of the number of runs he had and lost. The end result was 9 Pike in total. The big disappointment was a chunky double figure Zander lost at the net which Brian says would certainly have been a new PB. Out of the 9 pike three were in double figure weights - 11lb 12oz, 12lb 3oz and 13lb 6oz. 
Brian’s brother in law Barry Emery in the same session had 5 Pike including his new PB at 13lb 3oz.
Dean Brittain was also targeting the Predators on the lagoon this week and also had three Pike the largest weighing 8lb 7oz.

River Ouse – Undisclosed venue
Jack Rose fished one of our River Ouse venues this week and had a chunky Perch that looked in perfect condition – Most of our River Ouse stretches contain specimen sized Perch.

River Ouse - Wyboston
Jack Beresford fished our stretch of the Ouse behind North House Lake at Wyboston today. Using a cane rod and centre pin reel he trotted maggot with a hemp and breadcrumb groundbait. He had 2lb 8oz of mixed silvers in the net at the end of his session.

Beckerings Reservoir
Kyle Thompson-Parkinson had a wake-up call at 3am by a good sized Beckerings Bream which was caught on a boilie in peg 10.

Match Reports
No match reports at the moment as all match fishing is suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

That’s it for now so Tight Lines until next week.

Kind Regards,
Dave M – Luton AC

Luton Angling Club Weekly News Report for the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & St Neots Cambridgeshire Area Week Ending 8th November 2020

Here is the weekly news and catch reports from Luton Angling Club for the week ending 8th November 2020, We were closely watching developments with the COVID-19 pandemic this week to see how we would be affected by the latest national restrictions and we are very pleased that Angling is able to continue throughout the latest lockdown, Our thanks go to our governing body the Angling Trust for being on the ball to ensure that a great case was put forward to allow us to continue the sport that we love. Members are urged to strictly follow all the guidelines set out by the Angling Trust (these can be found at the link below) and also please follow all the usual precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Predator catch reports are starting come in which is expected for this time of the year but unusually we have not had any reports of carp being caught this week. Our venues fish well for the carp all through the winter and some great catches can be had for those who are prepared to brave the cold days and even colder nights.

South Lagoon – Wyboston
Member Mariusz was out on the Lagoon recently on a couple of sessions targeting the Pike and he had a 12lb 4oz Pike, A 9lb Pike and also a small Jack Pike. 
Another member Robert had a 12lb Pike. 
Wojciech caught a 15lb 10oz Pike and realised it was the same fish he caught 2 weeks ago.

Wyboston River Ouse
On the River at Wyboston Craig Gibson had a monster chub at 7lb 9oz it was caught just before midnight. There are some huge chub in this stretch so if you like chub fishing it’s well worth a visit.
North House Lake
Wyboston Bailiff Brian Turner finally got round to starting off his predator season on Sunday and chose North House Lake as his first target. It has started well with a lovely colourful low double figure Pike and he also lost another Pike during the session.
Slipe Lane Pits
Tomasz Pawlik visited Lea Pit at Slipe Lane and caught a Pike which wasn’t weighed but was estimated at around 14lb.
Beckerings Reservoir
Bailiff Mark Sessions fished the reservoir on Saturday and using float fished Red Maggot he had a couple of cracking roach weighing 1lb 10oz and 1lb 7oz. He also had some smaller Roach and lots of Perch.
Maintenance Work
Des Saunders and Alan Armstrong were at Biddenham this week replacing the boundary fence in section C that was ripped out by farm machinery earlier in the year. They will be returning soon to replace the damaged fencing along section B. Did you know that Luton Angling Club is managed purely on a voluntary basis and without the hard work from the committee and dedicated team of bailiffs and work party volunteers the club would have to bring in expensive contractors which would ultimately mean increases to subscription costs and less money spent on re-stocking and other improvements. When things eventually start to get back to normal if you are a member who can spare some time to help with these jobs or would like to get involved with the day to day running and management of the club please get in touch.

Match Reports
Braggers Angling Club – Match at Three Locks 1st November 2020
Andy Nichols of Braggers sent us this report from their match on the Canal at 3 locks last Sunday.

"An update as promised on our Canal Section 3 match.The top weight caught was 9lb 13oz with some nice bream in the net. Second was 8lb 9oz and third 6lb 1oz. Catches varied from the top weight to blanking, though the majority did catch.
The Total weight was around 58lbs. The specimen perch of the day was 1lb 11oz."

Wednesday Match Group – Wyboston South Lagoon 4th November 2020
The Luton Wednesday match group met at Wyboston this week and six anglers turned up including a new member to the group - Malcolm Ogden. This was unfortunately to be the groups last outing until the latest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are eased. The group will be back on the bank again as soon as they are able to, watch the Club news for the location and all are welcome to join them when restrictions are lifted and they are back on the bank every Wednesday again. In the meantime keep fishing and keep safe!

On a cold, clear autumn morning with an air temperature of 2C after the first overnight frost of the year the original intention had been to fish the river, but due to high river levels they decided to transfer to South Lagoon and this decision resulted in a ‘Red Letter’ day for Barry Roper.

A cold breeze came up after the original dead calm conditions, which veered about 90 degrees during the day making presentation challenging at times, with the temperature rising to 10C before falling away again. Numbers of methods and baits were used, Waggler, Pole and Feeder all being tried.

Barry fished the pole and initially struggled for bites, taking three fish in the first hour before contacting a nice Perch. He continued using his Caster and worm approach and just as the whistle blew at 3pm for the end of the match his float dived away again, and he was into a strong fish that surged away. It was safely landed and turned out to be a big Perch, Barry’s personal best which was weighed individually at 2lb 14oz. Together with the earlier Perch of 1lb 10oz, this made a fine brace and with the other fish in the net gave a combined weight of 6lb 14oz, enough to take the day.

Richard Gibbs enjoyed good sport taking 114 fish for second place with Roach on bread punch fished on a pole for 4lbs 10 oz and Dennis Hunt took third with 2lb 14oz caught on maggot using a waggler.

1st Barry Roper 6lb 14 oz. (Two Perch 1lb 10oz & 2lb 14oz)
2nd Richard Gibbs 4lb 10 oz
3Rd Dennis Hunt 2lb 14oz
4th Nuala Gray 1lb 10oz 5drms
5th Malcolm Ogden 1lb 10oz
6th John Gray 1lb 7oz

That’s all for this week – Tight Lines and Stay Safe

Dave M
Luton Angling Club.